In the United States, a man robbed a gun shop and sent Trump a threatening letter

In the U.S. state of Wisconsin, the man committed the robbery of the store of firearms, and were addressed to the President of the United States Donald Trump a letter with threats. On Monday, April 10, reports TASS with reference to the police Department Rock County.

According to him, 32-year-old Joseph Jakubowski stole a lot of firearms, including rifles, set fire to his car and fled. His personality was able to establish on the records of the surveillance cameras. Where suitable noticed the signs of a person being an increased police presence.

The White house mail received addressed to a Trump message from Jakubowski. This policy Memorandum 161 pages. The content of the document, the authorities kept secret, it is noted only that it “expressed dissatisfaction with the government and personal concern for one and all, except the laws of nature.”

In the search for involved 150 local and Federal law enforcement agencies, assistance of local police sent for reinforcements from Chicago (Illinois), Minneapolis and St. Paul (Minnesota). The FBI announced a reward of 10 thousand dollars for help in catching the men.