In Oslo suspected of laying bombs the Russians helped to detain the guard

In Oslo suspected of laying bombs the Russians helped to detain the guard

MURMANSK, April 9 — RIA Novosti. Security guard Parking in the area of Grenland in Oslo was announced on Saturday evening the police about a suspicious young man with a strange object in his hands, then the young man was detained, and the subject was a primitive explosive device, according to broadcaster NRK.

The reporters found that Fuat Bas on Saturday, about 22.00 (23.00 MSK) noticed a young man who was kneeling over one of the cars and Packed. “It was something big. I was a bit nervous and thought that it could be cannabis or some other substance. I noticed that the guy is very frightened at seeing me,” the witness said in an interview with broadcaster.

Bass explained that in the area of Oslo buying and selling of drugs is not a rare case, however, those sellers whom he saw, not scared, as a young man he met that night.

After some time Bass noticed the patrol police and warned the guards about the suspicious young man, and that he, maybe, 5-6 pounds of hashish. The guard pointed the direction in which left a young man, which enabled him quickly to detect. He guard went to the nearest café and continued to watch until he saw how the young man was detained by the police.

Bass also told that strongly was frightened, when he learned that the young guy with him wasn’t a hash, and an improvised explosive device. “I was there. And if he blew it… was creepy,” admitted the chief witness.

Bass deserved the praise and gratitude of the Minister of justice of the Kingdom.

How the police dealt with occurred on Saturday the situation, deserves the highest praise, but also worth noting, and help ordinary people, who responded quickly and alerted the police.Willie Amundsenisen of justice of Norway