Employees of the company Fox asked not to behave with women as trump

Donald Trump

The employees of the broadcasting company Fox advised not to behave with women like President Donald Trump and not to grab their crotch. According to The Hollywood Reporter, citing a source among the employees of the Corporation.

According to the source, during a workshop for staff on the unacceptability of sexual harassment and abuse, as illustrative material was used in the famous audio recording of Donald trump, in which he talks about his methods of treatment of women. “After a five-minute story about what harassment is and why it is necessary to immediately inform, we heard these words, — said the source. — The room seemed to be heard the universal sigh: are we really heard?”

Fox the incident have not commented on.

In October 2016 the editors of the Washington Post has published a video, shot in 2005. In this upcoming filming trump tells his interlocutor that tried to have sex with a married woman, it is not waiting for her consent. “When you’re famous, they allow you to do anything with them — for example, grab their crotch, anything”, — told the trump.

Fox broadcasting company was mainly supported by Donald trump, only occasionally providing a platform to its critics among the Republicans.