Drivers enter the circle

Drivers enter the circle

In Russia may change the rules of journey of intersections.

In Russia may soon make adjustments to the traffic Rules (SDA), approximating them to European standards. To study changes in the legislation, as it became known “Kommersant”, instructed the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov.

So, the drivers moving through the roundabout will have a big advantage before entering the circle. In addition, cities may appear the so-called zone soothed by the movement, where pedestrians can cross the road anywhere, and cars must travel at a speed of 10-20 km/h.

Following the meeting in the government on issues of road safety, the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov has instructed the interior Ministry and the Ministry of transport within a month to work out proposals related to the change of traffic rules, told “Kommersant”, the representative of mister Shuvalov.

The first one concerns the rules of journey of vehicles of roundabouts. Today, according to traffic regulations, drivers of vehicles on the circle give way to those on it moves the principle of the right of interference. If the front circle is a sign of “Yield”, yield, respectively, entering into the intersection (thus, the most roundabouts in Moscow).

According to the results of the study order in the SDA can be assigned to a General principle: moving around cars always have the advantage, if there is no sign.

“Such practice exists virtually worldwide, has proven to be more effective for traffic control, — explained “Kommersant”, the representative Igor Shuvalov.— So logically its application in Russia. Moreover, many of our own citizens travel abroad by car or rent it, and the difference in traffic can only cause confusion for the drivers.”

“In Europe, this rule has been introduced to traffic on the circle was never closed. Moreover, the traffic police have already tried to fix the rate (with a similar idea in 2006 was made by the former head of traffic police of Russia Victor Kiryanov.— “Kommersant”), — said the head of the expert center Alexander Shumsky.— But in the end, in major cities before a round just set the signs, but the principle has not changed. And now, in the mind of people, the confusion, the majority believes that they have the range advantage, although this is not so, that often causes the crash.”

In addition, Igor Shuvalov instructed to study the question of the introduction of the legislation and traffic regulations of the new sign and the term “area soothing movement.”

According to Mr. Shumsky, in such areas pedestrians will be allowed to cross the road anywhere, while cars will not be allowed to overtake and move faster than 10-20 km/h. “Legally in different cities around the world such zones are, and actually in Moscow, on Bolshaya Dmitrovka street, — he explained “Kommersant”.— In traffic regulations it is necessary to secure that such street has received the further development. This is important for safety that drivers were aware — people can go on the roadway anywhere on the street.” “It is important that it does not reduce the safety, so the innovations will require careful consideration and subsequent informing of citizens”, — said the representative Igor Shuvalov.

President of the Interregional Association of driving schools Tatiana Shutyleva supported the idea to introduce a priority on the roundabout. “At the same time to adapt drivers, so you need to duplicate a new rule road signs,” she says.

Lawyer, expert on road safety Kateryna Solovyova said: roundabouts usually occurs two types of accidents — drivers crash into each other, forgetting who main at the intersection, or the cars crash bumpers at low speed in anticipation of the arrival circle. The “rule “on the circle home” in fact is already well established, it is implemented only by means of signs — she said, — so it is unlikely that amendments to the SDA will create additional confusion”. As for the idea to enter “area a soothing motion,” that, according to Tatyana Shutyleva, Russian drivers of this innovation are not yet ready. “A large number of accidents occur at pedestrian crossings, so it’s a good idea to give pedestrians the opportunity to cross the road where they want to, need to be carefully worked out”.

Ivan Buranov