Chinese Muslims have complained about rising Islamophobia because of social networks

Chinese Muslims complain of rising Islamophobia in the PRC, which feed messages in social networks. About it reports The Independent.

The reason for the disturbance was incessant incidents of mosque Nangang in Hefei, capital of Anhui province. According to a local Imam Tao of Insane, initially against the construction of protested only by the residents of neighboring houses. Some people did not like the neighborhood Muslim places of worship, others were unhappy that the mosque was going to built on the site of the Park.

As the result of complaints from local residents in social network Weibo has resulted in the present Internet campaign. They were supported by hundreds of thousands of users, including some officials. The result were protests near the site and have a stream of anonymous threats on the phone of the Imam. Someone unhappy even buried on the construction site of a pig’s head.

The Muslim community of the Hebei employs 4.5 thousand people. This is mainly Hui — believed to be ethnic Han Chinese who converted to Islam. They are considered in China a national minority, and as a result, enjoy numerous privileges, which causes the discontent of the Han Chinese.