“A miracle named Bella”. As Ahmadulina conquered men

“A miracle named Bella”. As Ahmadulina conquered men

April 10 one of the brightest representatives of the generation of poets of the sixties, Bella Akhmadulina would have turned 80 years old.

The name of Bella Akhmadulina is one of the symbols of the poetic boom of the 1960-ies. Along with Robert Rozhdestvensky, Andrei Voznesensky, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, she conquered the audience with their verses at the Polytechnic, stadiums, squares.

Bella herself never called himself a poet, only a poet, and she became them very early. When the girl was only 18, “October” magazine published her lines: “his Head propped on the arm, fast asleep handset”. And at 22, she wrote her most famous work:

On my street that year
Sound the steps — my friends are leaving.
My friends slow care
the darkness outside the Windows is pleasing.Bella Akhmadulina

Many Soviet critics considered fine poetry Bella’s “old-fashioned”, “vulgar”, “banal”; however ordinary readers tired of ideological literature, it immediately gained popularity.

Bella Akhmadulina reading poetry in the film Marlena hutsieva “the Outpost of Ilyich”

The girl, whose careers came at the time when he created such luminaries as Boris Pasternak, Anna Akhmatova and Vladimir Nabokov, you had to prove the right to the title of poet. But for the talented Bella it was not difficult.

In the Literary Institute named after Gorky, where the poet did at the age of 19, she became a star — all dreamed to get acquainted with young talent. The poet conquered surrounding not only his poems, a special manner of reading, but also self-confidence. Poet and writer Cyril of Kovaldji about student Belle recalled: “Like this girl already knew who she was and what place prepared for it in Russian poetry”.

The poem is wonderful theatre,
Nagisa and Kutaisi in velvet drowsy.
I can’t help it, it’s busy working
alien deities incomparable talent.Bella Akhmadulina

That the poetry of Bella will go down in history of Russian literature, nobody doubted: the Joseph Brodsky called the poet “the undoubted heiress to the Lermontov-Pasternak line in Russian poetry”. The poet and playwright Pavel Antokolsky, admiring the talent of the young girls in his poems cried out: “Hello, Miracle, named Bella!”. And the famous circus Leonid Yengibarov was fond of saying: “Belocca, in the whole world there are only two tragic clown — you and me.”

However, in the third year, star of the Institute expelled. In official documents it appeared, that a student expelled from the University for a failed exam on Marxism-Leninism, in fact, bell refused to support the persecution of Boris Pasternak.

Time will pass and she will recover on course to graduate from the Institute with honors. But after that, we continue to speak out in support of the persecuted by the authorities of Soviet dissidents: Andrei Sakharov, Lev Kopelev, Georgy Vladimov, Vladimir Voinovich… Her statements in their defense published in “the new York times,” was broadcast on “Radio Liberty” and “Voice of America”. But for the words Belle had to pay a high price — her works stopped printing.

“Love is the absence of the past”

It is no secret that Bella was a Queen among men, the poets of the sixties: it was respected, and many were in love. Itself the poet on this account never wrong and knowing her worth, never missed an opportunity to flirt. As a result, three official marriage and many novels.

Not a word about love! But I another word about her,
there are no long-throat warblers.
There is a flame in the middle of the empty sky,
but even on the night of the moon no word about love!Bella Akhmadulina

First marriage to Bella lasted only three years, but still it did not stop to discuss.

With her husband Yevgeny Yevtushenko, a young girl met in the Institute, as a famous poet left a glowing memory of “Bella was amazed at how accidentally flown to us bird of Paradise, although was wearing a cheap beige suit from the factory “Bolshevik”, the Komsomol badge on his chest, ordinary sandals and a wreath laid rustic braid, which wounded her rival said she priplata. Actually equal rivals, in any case, the young, she had no poetry, no beauty. In her sense of self-amazingness has not concealed anything disparaging to others, she was kind and helpful, but it is for her to forgive was even harder. It was hypnotic. Her behavior even the artificial became natural”.

Bella Akhmadulina and Yevgeny Yevtushenko
1957 pic.twitter.com/vozEkugnMg

— History in Pictures (@RussiainPhotos) March 6, 2017

Then about the whirlwind romance of Bella and Yevtushenko knew everything, and they didn’t even try to hide their numerous quarrels. It turns out that Yevtushenko overly jealous wife to the fans and took the neighbor’s goat flowers that gave his wife to the concert. But Bella was not an angel, Marina Vlady often compared her character with the weather in Brittany: in the morning the rain, ten minutes eyes are blinded by the sun, then suddenly the storm and then silence.

As he recalled later, Yevtushenko, and they did not quarrel, because they divorced once their love “just disappeared”. And just a couple of months poetess was a new hobby. This time her choice fell on a rising star of cinema and literature by Vasily Shukshin. Their romance was short-lived, but during this time he managed to shoot the poet in the movie “Lives a guy” and she “work” on his image.

Then there was the marriage with the famous Soviet writer Yuri Nagibin, who left in his diary: “…I was so proud of, so admired, when in a crowded room she read the verses pale strained, brittle voice and favorite her face was burning, I did not dare to sit down, and stood against the wall, almost falling from a strange weakness in the legs, and I was happy that I was nothing to everyone present that I was the one for her…”.

Writer Yuri Nagibin with his fifth wife, the poetess Bella Akhmadulina. (Photo 1960s.) pic.twitter.com/5flHNTIdKG

— Historical Pictures (@HistoryFoto) 14 Dec 2016

And then in the life of the poet had a son Balkar classic Eldar kouliev, with whom she had a daughter.

The main man in the life of Bella is a painter, sculptor and stage designer Boris Messerer, with whom she lived in happy marriage for over 30 years.

Messerer was a real guardian angel of the poet. Not casually in one of his later poems she addressed him: “O guide of my timid habits”.

Care Messerer was especially necessary for the poet in the last years of his life. Bella was ill with cancer, and almost total blindness had not even allowed her to read. Family, pushing the poetess, hiding from her scary diagnosis, but was unable to save from death.

Bella died in the ambulance on 29 November 2010, she was 73.