Unidentified car rammed the building of the town hall in the German city of verden

An unknown car drove to the town hall in the German city of verden (lower Saxony). It is reported by news portal HNA.

According to the publication, the incident occurred at about eight in the morning. The car struck the glass doors and entered the lobby. As a result of incident nobody has suffered. The damage is estimated at several hundred thousand euros.

The person who was driving the car, was detained. A local resident, 47-year-old man. The reasons why he went to the crime being investigated. A police spokesman said that version of the attack, law enforcement authorities shall exclude, probably, the action was directed against the local authorities.

On 7 April in Stockholm (Sweden) on the main pedestrian street Drottninggatan drove a truck into a crowd of people and stopped once he crashed into the window of one of the stores. In the attack four people were killed, another 15 were injured. The authorities said that the incident has all the hallmarks of a terrorist attack. The suspect was arrested and, according to sources, has already pleaded guilty. It is reported that this 39-year-old citizen of Uzbekistan.