The Russian foreign Ministry commented on the cancellation of the visit of Boris Johnson

Cancellation of visit to Moscow Minister for foreign Affairs of great Britain Boris Johnson is due to “a fundamental misunderstanding or ignorance of what is happening in Syria, Russian efforts to resolve the crisis.” This is stated in the commentary of the Russian foreign Ministry, published on the official website on Sunday, April 9.

“Judging by statements made by B. Johnson, now he’s got other priorities, namely the discussions with the partners in the “seven” of the situation in Syria and “Russian support of B. Assad’s regime” a”, — stated in the message of the Russian foreign Ministry.

During the visit it was planned to discuss the state of Russian-British relations, “essentially cornered the British side in the impasse,”-stated in a press release.

“The decision to cancel the visit of Johnson to Moscow once again confirms the doubts about the availability of added value from talking with the British, which the majority of urgent problems do not have their own position and real influence on the course of international Affairs, remaining in the shadows of its strategic partners. Do not believe that the dialogue with London we need more than him,” said the Russian Ministry

April 8 on the website of the foreign Ministry of the United Kingdom published a message, which says that Johnson will not go on 10 April in the Russian capital because of the “radically changed situation in Syria.” The Minister emphasized that his priority now is contacts with USA and other partners ahead of the meeting “Big seven”.

In early March, the foreign office announced the visit of Johnson to Moscow in the end of the month. Later, however, the British media announced about his transfer because of the desire of the foreign Minister to participate in the meeting of foreign Ministers of countries-members of NATO, which was postponed from April 5-6 March 31, due to employment of the head of the state Department Rex Tillerson.