The Prosecutor’s office will check the information about the withdrawal of six children from deaf women


Prosecutors in the Sverdlovsk region will conduct an investigation into the fact of appearance in the media about the fact that the court withdrew from the deaf-mute resident of Alapaevsk six daughters. About it RIA Novosti on Sunday, April 9, said the representative office.

The story of a woman named Oksana, was published by the website “Глухих.net”. A woman using a sign language interpreter told me that girls she took the court after three years ago left the family and her husband.

According to the women, a month after breaking up with her husband came to her from the guardianship, and without any explanation, took five children aged two to 10 years. The sixth girl was seized a year later. The woman claims that came to the meeting of the court on deprivation of parental rights, but because the interpreter was absent on them, she could not understand what was happening and left.

“Social services I have made, that does not help them study and do not deal with them a moral upbringing, but I can neither hear nor speak. Plus I have five years of education — I do not read, do not know many words (…) when I wrote these stories, I’m even in the text of the words is not understood. Did not know what the defendant and the plaintiff,” — said Oksana.

Moreover, the staff of the orphanage, where he placed the girls claim that Oksana unfair carried out maternal duties, including leave children alone at home and not engaged in education. In addition, there was no conditions for the maintenance of daughters, for example, many slept on the floor.

2.5 years after the residents of Alapayevsk took six daughters, she gave birth to a son. When he was six months, and together they went to the hospital where the child was also seized by the representatives of the guardianship. Two months later, the court held the deprivation of parental rights. There Oksana appeared with a sign language interpreter and won the case. Boy she must return in two months.

“Today, the first woman learned that her girls from the orphanage was transferred to the orphanage. But to see them it will not succeed: they recently took another family”, — stated in the material “Глухих.net”.