The movement in the Belarusian direction of the Moscow railway after the collision of trains was restored

The movement of trains in the Belarusian direction of the Moscow railway (MZHD) after the collision of trains is restored. On Sunday, April 9, reported on the website of “Russian Railways” (RZD).

“The railroad has completed restoration work on the stretch Fili — Kuntsevo-1, and from 05:46 it is open to traffic. Trains run according to schedule”, — stated in the message. According to the company, for medical assistance to 28 people, 13 of them were hospitalized. Earlier RZD reported about 50 victims.

According to EMERCOM of Russia, hospitalization was required in 12 victims. The list of wounded published on the Agency’s website. The RIA Novosti source in the medical services of the city reported that seven people have already been discharged from the hospital. The number of passengers who asked for medical assistance — two citizens of Belarus.

The accident on the stretch of stations Fili — Kuntsevo-1 took place on 8 April at 22:40. The driver of the train Moscow — Usovo applied the emergency brake because the person who ran the railroad tracks. As specified in the Railways, due to “an emergency had disrupted the braking system of trains, with the result that there was a spontaneous movement in the opposite direction with the subsequent collision with standing part of the Moscow — Brest”.

According to the Investigative Committee of Russia, in the time of the accident the train was 455 passengers and crew and the train engineer, his assistant and two controller.

In fact the incident initiated pre-investigation checks, the results of which procedural decision will be made.