The majority of the voters of South Ossetia voted for a new name of the Republic

81.5% of participants in the referendum in South Ossetia agree to the introduction for the Republic equivalent of the name Alania. This is evidenced by the exit polls, conducted at 23 sites from 77, according to RIA Novosti.

The survey was conducted on 23 of the 77 polling stations. The question was asked 2981 person.

In the presidential elections, which were held simultaneously with the referendum, expected second round: polls showed that the incumbent head of the Republic Leonid Tibilov gaining 45.8 percent of the votes, his closest rival, Parliament speaker Anatoly Bibilov — 36.9 percent. For the third candidate, KGB Alana Gagloeva, according to the study, voted 16.8 percent of the voters. As for the winning candidate needed more than 50 percent of the vote.

South Ossetia, which declared its independence from Georgia in 1991, has the status of partially recognized Republic. It is considered an independent state five countries: Russia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Nauru and Tuvalu.