The accident on the railway in Moscow was due to running across a man’s ways

Continued: Putin has charged to take measures in connection with the collision of trains in Moscow

The collision of trains with train in the West of Moscow there was man who ran the railroad tracks. It is reported TASS citing a source in the emergency services.

“The driver of an electric train EN route to the area not to shoot him, applied the emergency brake. At this time it and hit a passenger train by the message Moscow — Brest,” the source said.

In the MOE confirmed this information. The Ministry clarified that, according to preliminary information, the collision occurred because of a person on the tracks.

According to the latest data, injured 20 people, 12 were hospitalized, said Deputy head of EMERCOM in Moscow Sergey Zheltov. Among wounded — two drivers, one of them is in serious condition and another in moderate condition. Earlier it was informed about 16 victims.

The long-distance train Moscow — Brest crashed into a commuter train April 8, at about 23:00. The incident occurred on the tracks of the Belarusian direction of the Moscow railway (MZHD), near the house №4 along the street Gerasim Kurina. Four cars derailed.

Movement of trains on the section of Fili — Kuntsevo temporarily stopped.