Social networks make children unhappier, researchers found

Social networks make children unhappier, researchers found

MOSCOW, 9 APR — RIA Novosti. British scientists from the University of Sheffield proved that the more time children spend in social networks, the more unhappy they feel in almost all aspects of their lives.

According to a study prepared for the Institute of The IZA Institute of Labor Economics, presence in social media even for one hour reduces by 14 percent the probability that children will be completely happy with your life. Even the life of one parent affects the well-being of the child three times less, the researchers note.

Children who spend more time in Facebook and Instagram, feel less happy in terms of their school performance, physical appearance and family. Children who are active users of social networks, more satisfied with relationships with friends.

In addition, the use of social networks has a stronger impact on well-being of girls than boys, the researchers found.

Fellow, University of Sheffield Philip Powell and his colleagues took away four thousand children aged 10 to 15 years and asked them to rate on a seven-point scale how satisfied they were with different aspects of your life.