Six passengers collided with a commuter train sent to clinics in Minsk

Six passengers of the train Moscow — Brest collided with the train, sent to the Minsk clinic. On Sunday, April 9, reports “Interfax”.

All six citizens of Russia. According to the acting Chairman of the Minsk health Committee Dmitry Cherednichenko, the five of them minor injuries, the condition of one victim is estimated as average weight.

Help is needed three more passengers, but they did not get off the train in the Belarusian capital, and continued the route. One citizen of Belarus, will be released in Baranavichy, and the station will meet the doctors. Russian woman with a child will reach Brest, where they will be examined by doctors.

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On the evening of 8 April in the Belarusian direction of the Moscow railway (MZHD) the train Moscow — Usovo an emergency halt. Because of this composition spontaneously drove off in the opposite direction and collided with standing long-distance train Moscow — Brest. According to the Railways, injured 50 people. 12 victims were hospitalized, according to the Ministry.

The cause of PE, as reported in the Investigative Committee, probably, was the refusal of brake system of the commuter train. The version of an emergency stop to prevent hitting a pedestrian, the investigators rejected.