The speaker of Parliament Bibilov is leading in the presidential elections in South Ossetia

Anatoly Bibilov The speaker of the Parliament of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov is leading in the presidential elections in the Republic, he was voted 54,18% came to the land. As I posted on my Facebook an employee of the Republican Parliament of Madina Valieva, the results after treatment 91% of the ballots. According to her, in the second place, the acting head of the Republic Leonid Tibilov is a 31.33 percent, the KGB Alana Gagloeva 9.78 percent. All voted against 1.26 per cent, 3.45 per cent of the ballots were spoiled. The turnout was 85 percent. RIA Novosti cites the South Ossetian Central electoral Commission after processing 35 percent of protocols with 27 sites, according to which Bibilov wins the election. As reported by the CEC Chairman Bella Plieva, he picks up 48.7 percent. Tibilov at 26.5%, Gagloeva — 19.1 percent. Presidential elections were held in South Ossetia on 9

Pushkov called the bluff of the US claims about the involvement of Assad to the chemical attack in Idlib

Alexei Pushkov The US claims about the alleged data available to them about the involvement of the Syrian government for chemical attack against civilians in Idlib – bluff. The member of the Federation Council Alexei Pushkov on Sunday, April 9, he wrote in his microblog on Twitter. “They [the U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki] Haley there are no data on the use of chemical weapons Damascus. If they were, the US would provide them. This is an obvious bluff, as in the case of Iraq”, — says the publication. Haley earlier said that the us administration is based on secret data have concluded about the involvement of the Syrian authorities to the use of sarin. On the night of 7 April, the President of the United States Donald trump ordered to strike at the government aircraft used by Syria to the airport shirt. In all there were 59

Kuznetsova responded to the message of the collectors of a disabled child

Anna Kuznetsova Beating 11-year-old disabled in Yekaterinburg is beyond understanding. This is stated in the message published on Sunday, April 9, on the official website of the Ombudsman under the RF President on the rights of the child of Anna Kuznetsova. “What happened in Ekaterinburg, beyond the scope of the law and understanding. Disabled child beaten and threatened for someone’s debt”, — said in the text. According to the Ombudsman, a legal assessment of the actions of the collectors will give the law enforcement agencies. “At this point we are in contact with the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation”, — she assured. 8 April it was reported that employees of one of the collection agencies of Yekaterinburg is suspected of using violence against an 11-year-old disabled student’s fifth grade special education school. The victim told investigators that men require his mother’s debt in the amount of 300 thousand rubles,

Unknown drove by car to the city hall of the German Verden

Unknown drove by car to the city hall of the German Verden BERLIN, April 9. /Offset. TASS Vyacheslav Filippov/. Unknown entered Sunday morning by car to the town hall of a small German town verden (Federal land lower Saxony) near Bremen. According to preliminary estimates, it is trying to attack is not, said a police spokesman. As a result of incident nobody has suffered. “Terrorist act, we exclude” — said the representative of law enforcement bodies. The motives of the 47-year-old man are being investigated and he was arrested. Apparently, his action was directed against the city authorities. After the man entered the lobby of city hall, the fire broke out, which spread to several rooms on the ground floor of the building. Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire only after an hour and a half. The damage amounts to several hundred thousand euros. “47-year-old suspect without resistance surrendered

In twante detained a suspect of involvement in the explosion in the Church

In twante detained a suspect of involvement in the explosion in the Church CAIRO, 9 APR — news, Margarita Kislova. The Egyptian security forces detained a suspect of involvement in the explosion in a Church in the Egyptian city of Tanta, according to news portal “Youm7”. According to available information, the man was next to the Church. He sent to the police Department, conducted the interrogation. A powerful explosion occurred on Sunday morning in the largest Church of the Egyptian city of Tanta during the Church service. According to preliminary information, the explosive device of great power exploded in the hall for praying. According to eyewitnesses, the explosion carried out by suicide bomber who walked into the Church and undermined the fixed on the body of the explosive device. Killed, according to the latest information, about 30 people, injured up to 70. Investigators seized records from surveillance cameras, the area

TFR called the probable cause of the collision of trains in Moscow

TFR called the probable cause of the collision of trains in Moscow The Investigative Committee (TFR) reported no evidence that the collision of trains in Moscow was due to emergency braking of the train. According to investigators, the probable cause of the accident could be the failure of the braking system, according to the Agency. In RCDS noted that currently it is checking all versions of the incident. “The results of initial investigations including after questioning the drivers, the version that the emergency braking locomotive crew for the trains used in order to prevent arrival on the pedestrian, not confirmed, and was due to the failure of its braking system”, — stated in the message Department. To test this, investigators have seized documents for service composition. In addition, the investigation into the collision of the trains under his personal control took the head of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin. The investigation

Kiev authorities have offered to take out the capital waste in Chernobyl

Kiev authorities have offered to take out the capital waste in Chernobyl Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration (KCSA) Petr Panteleyev suggested to consider the option for the disposal of garbage residues in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. He said this Sunday, April 9, at a public meeting about the closure of the landfill in the village of Pidhirtsi, reports “UKRINFORM”. “The idea for the removal of “tails” (the remnants of solid waste after processing — approx. “Of the”) in the exclusion zone suggests logically”, — said Panteleev. However, he noted that currently it is prohibited by law. According to the Deputy head of the KCSA, the city authorities together with the administration of the Chernobyl zone are looking for ways to solve the problem of waste disposal. “You burn the garbage or recycle, there is still a residue that I need somewhere to bury,” — concluded the official.

Medvedev: won’t disappoint the partners in the West and save the predamage

Photo: RIA Novosti Russia maintains restrictions on the import of imported products and has no plans to cancel the bradenburg, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. “Restrictions on importation of imported goods — raw materials and food to Russia continue, so we work absolutely quietly. Our partners don’t make any effort to ensure that we his position changed. Let’s not going to disappoint us from this, only better,” — said Medvedev at a meeting of the Board of agriculture. Russia is successfully developing relations with the countries of the Eurasian economic Union, the Prime Minister said. “This huge market where we can primitivity. Somewhere, so to speak, and their products, and food in our market appears so that our common market, we will develop,” he said. “We try to make our agriculture more competitive abroad and in the domestic market,” he said. Russia in August 2014 to restrict imports of products

The ROC is required from the government 13 billion rubles for the restoration of the temples

Photo: RIA Novosti Almost 14 billion rubles is necessary to the Russian Orthodox Church for the restoration of churches and monasteries, recognized cultural heritage sites, the website of the Financial-economic Department (FCS) of the Russian Orthodox Church. To date, for consideration by the FCS received applications from 56 metropolias, dioceses 93, 19 monasteries and farmsteads. Restoration required 424 objects. Total expenditures amounted to 13 billion 857 million 176 thousand roubles. All applications will be reviewed and analyzed by the staff of FCS, after which the office will send the state a General application indicating the required for the restoration work. “Of course, the total amount you are requesting is almost 100 times less. Of all objects for restoration will be selected a few temples. It is clear that 13 billion of the state to allocate can not” — said RIA Novosti in the FCS. Restoration of objects of cultural heritage

Tillerson looked forward to constructive talks with Lavrov in Moscow

Tillerson looked forward to constructive talks with Lavrov in Moscow MOSCOW, 9 APR — RIA Novosti. U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson hopes that the talks with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov during visit to Moscow will be constructive. 9фотографий9фотографий9фотографий “I hope that we will be able to hold constructive talks with the Russian government, with foreign Minister Lavrov that Russia will support a process that will lead to stabilization in Syria,” he said in an interview with ABC News. Tillerson also stressed that during his visit to Moscow intends to raise the issue of Russia’s compliance with commitments on the elimination of chemical weapons in Syria. “It will be part of the discussion when I will arrive in Moscow next week — call to foreign Minister Lavrov and the Russian government on the implementation of the commitments it took before the international community when he agreed to be the