In the Union of passengers protested the organization of transport in St. Petersburg after the attack

Kirill Yankov

Apparently, in St. Petersburg was not a backup transportation plan in case of emergency in the subway, said the Chairman of the Union of Russian passengers Kirill Yankov. He noted that after what happened in the subway explosion, it was necessary to use additional ground transportation in sufficient quantity. On Thursday, April 6, according to the national news service (NSN).

“I still don’t understand who ordered in St. Petersburg to stop the traffic around the metro on all lines, and for what purpose it was done. And I think that it is necessary to perform — whether it was relevant or it was an emotional reaction of some not very competent Manager,” said Yankov.

The head of the Union of passengers explained that a back-up plan — “this is a bus in large numbers, which are removed from the routes of small extent, and are organized transportation routes parallel to the metro lines”. Simultaneously, the traffic police had to release tracks from other cars, he added. “Such a plan, whether in St. Petersburg was not, if he were not timely enacted,” said Yankov.

The head of the Union of passengers recalled that after the explosions in the Moscow metro in 2010, the subway in General, continued to work.

On 3 April, the press Secretary of the Governor of St. Petersburg Andrei Kibito said on Twitter that on this day all public transport will work for free. In the St. Petersburg administration said that along the metro lines will operate 150 buses. However, as writes “the Russian newspaper”, ground transportation is not enough for the hundreds of passengers and people were forced to walk. It was reported that the city traffic jam.

In metro St. Petersburg in the train, EN route from the metro station “Sennaya Ploschad” to the “Technological Institute”, April 3, an explosion occurred, which killed 14 people. It is established that the attack was committed by 22-year-old suicide Akbarjon Jalilov — an ethnic Uzbek from Kyrgyzstan who had Russian citizenship.