In the Railways said about 50 injured in a collision of trains in Moscow

After the collision of a passenger train and commuter train in Moscow for medical assistance 50 people. On Sunday, April 9, the press service of “Russian Railways” (RZD).

In the EMERCOM of Russia said that hospitalization was required to 12 victims, including two teenagers. The list of wounded published on the Agency’s website.

The accident occurred April 8 at 22:40 on the stretch of stations Fili — Kuntsevo-2 of the Belarusian direction of the Moscow railway (MZHD). According to preliminary data, the train EN route Moscow — Usovo, faced with a move for him by a passenger train Moscow — Brest, from the person who ran the railroad tracks. The driver of the commuter of the composition applied the emergency brake, this time it crashed into a passenger train. As a result, derailed two carriages of the train and the section of the locomotive of the train.

According to the Investigative Committee of Russia, in the time of the accident in the composition, which was heading to Brest, there were 455 passengers and crew and the train engineer, his assistant and two controller. After the incident, was hospitalized 16 people.

Upon collision of trains initiated preliminary examination, the results of which procedural decision will be made.