In Spain, at the request of the United States arrested a Russian programmer

The building is the headquarters of FBI In Washington

In Spain, at the request of the United States arrested a Russian programmer Peter Levashov, reports RT with reference to his wife. A resident of St. Petersburg is suspected of involvement in hacking attacks.

According to her, the arrest took place at night in the apartment that the couple rented in Barcelona while on holiday, stormed law enforcement officials. Maria Levashova added that the police took their electronic devices.

“I asked for a warrant or any papers they said showed them to my husband. My husband and I were talking at the office on the phone, he said he was shown a piece of paper in Spanish without print and his picture in bad quality. Said something about the fact that the virus that was allegedly created by my husband, is associated with the victory of the [Donald] trump on the election of [US President]”, — said Russian woman.

She reported that a court in Barcelona has already held a meeting with the Madrid court via Skype, during which the decision was made to arrest the Russian.

Levashov appealed to the human rights activist, Vice-President of the Russian division of the International Committee of protection of human rights Alexander Inovo that the business of another Russian programmer — Stanislaus Lisova, who was arrested in Spain on January 13.

USA suspect him in the development of the NeverQuest malware used to steal banking credentials. March 14, the U.S. side handed over to the authorities of the Kingdom of the documents necessary for extradition of the programmer.

Washington has repeatedly accused Moscow of meddling in the electoral campaign in the United States. In the Kremlin these charges are consistently rejected.