Assad commented on the missile strike the US on the Syrian airfield

Attacking a military airport in the Syrian province of HOMS, the U.S. sought to raise the morale of their supported terrorist groups, but has not reached its goal. This was stated by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in a telephone conversation with Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani, reports on Sunday, April 9, the Agency SANA.

Assad confirmed that the Syrian people and army are going to eradicate terrorism in any part of the Syrian territories.

The President of Iran in turn expressed their “strong condemnation of the outrageous aggression of the USA”, which is a gross violation of Syrian sovereignty and all international laws and conventions. Rouhani emphasized that Iran supports the Syrian government in the war against terrorism, and stated that he considered it necessary to strengthen cooperation between Tehran, Moscow and Damascus, reports TASS.

In his view, missile U.S. attack on Syrian airbase was intended to raise the morale of terrorists, who in recent times suffer a crushing defeat in Syria and in Iraq. “We hope that all freedom-loving Nations of the world will condemn this aggression. Confident that the attack, which became obvious violation of all international norms, will not affect the inter-Syrian negotiation process and will have no impact neither on terrorism nor on the future of Syria,” he said.

In the night of Friday, April 7, U.S. President Donald trump has struck cruise missiles on the airfield shirt, which is use by government forces of Syria. The shelling began after the Syrian opposition that is loyal to Bashar al-Assad’s forces allegedly used chemical weapons in Idlib province. Victims of the attack were dozens of people. Damascus his involvement in the incident denies.