Zakharova called the US state with the most unpredictable foreign policy

Maria Zakharova

The official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova said that the United States is the most unpredictable state in the sphere of foreign policy. This opinion was expressed Saturday, April 8, on air of TV channel “Russia 1”, RIA Novosti reported.

“What is happening now in the United States of America, once again highlights the disappointing fact is the most unpredictable state. And if there is something predictable in the United States — this is their unpredictability in foreign policy,” she said.

Zakharov added that the biggest problem is “the lack of a General strategy of Washington in the middle East, specifically in Syria, and in General the lack of foreign policy concept is still new administration.”

Commenting on the impact of us forces on the Syrian airfield shirt, the diplomat suggested it is part of “internal political struggle of the elite political, military-political alliances”. She also added that the attack “has no relation to attempts to find out what happened with chemical weapons”, reports “Interfax”.

United States by order of President Donald trump on the night of 7 April attacked the airfield shirt, which is still used by Syrian government troops. The shelling began after the Syrian opposition that is loyal to Bashar al-Assad’s forces allegedly used chemical weapons in Idlib province. Victims of the attack were dozens of people. Damascus his involvement in the incident denies.