“Total dictation” 8 APR write about 200 thousand people

“Total dictation” 8 APR write about 200 thousand people

MOSCOW, April 8 — RIA Novosti. About 200 thousand people from 71 countries will write a “Total dictation” in 2017 on April 8, reported the press service of the project.

“Total dictation” is an annual event in the form of voluntary dictation for everyone. Her goal is to give everyone an opportunity to test their knowledge of the Russian language and to arouse interest in literacy.

The organizers said that those wishing to write a dictation will take 3008 866 sites in cities and towns in 71 countries

All the action will take part about 200 thousand people. In Russia platforms of the stock will open at 585 settlements covered almost all regions: dictation this year will not only write Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

Most sites will open in Moscow — 376, Saint Petersburg, 82, Novosibirsk — 56. Abroad to participate in the “Total dictation” will be available in 281 town located in 70 countries.

The press service also reported that the number of participating foreign cities the palm to keep the United States (19), then follow Spain (11) China — from the country’s stock involves 10 cities. The first Total dictation will be possible to write in the Principality of Andorra and in cities such as Sydney (Australia), Miami (USA), Strasbourg (France), Odessa (Ukraine).

Read “Total dictation” over 200 stars of theater, film and television

The largest selection will be at Muscovites at numerous venues of the project “Total dictation” will read the showman and presenter Maxim Galkin, sports commentator Georgy Cherdantsev, Director mark Rozovsky, the linguist Maxim krongauz, the band “underwood” performer Noize MC, TV presenter Vladimir Pozner, showman Alexander Oleshko, participant Comedy Woman Natalia Medvedeva, saxophonist Igor Butman and others.

In Tallinn the text of the dictation will read the famous Russian actor Dmitry Kharatyan, in Strasbourg — actor and TV presenter Leonid Yarmolnik, in Istanbul, the artists of the Academic song and dance ensemble of the Russian Army Alexandrov. In the Ukrainian Gorlovka to read the dictation is Russian singer Julia Chicherin. In new York city on one of the sites, the text will dictate the TV presenter and journalist Zhanna Agalakova.

In addition, the “Total dictation” will be held in the air for 10 flights of S7 airlines, trains, outdoors, barges “Kruzenshtern” (Kaliningrad) and “Pallada” (Vladivostok). Employees of the Russian Antarctic expedition (RAE) will become participants of the action for the fifth time. The expedition members will write the dictation at three stations in Antarctica: Mirny, Novolazarevskaya and Progress.

Visitors will also be able to write “Total dictation” online, this will be organized broadcasting of the three time zones, and the protection site increased from DDoS attacks. The broadcast will be available to site visitors totaldict.ru April 8, at 8.00, 11.00 and 14.00 Moscow time.