The Syrian air force resumed flights from airport shirt after US attacks

The effects of the missile attack on the United States airbase in Syria

The Syrian air force resumed flights from airport shirt a day after an American missile strike. About it reports Reuters with reference to information of the Syrian Observatory for human rights, located in London.

Notes that military aircraft struck a blow to the armed opposition in the Eastern province of HOMS. Human rights activists stressed that the degree of damage to the airbase is difficult to assess, but the Syrian military “make it impossible” to continue to use it for departures.

In turn, the TV channel ABC News said that the attack of positions of the IG (“Islamic state” banned in Russia — approx. “Of the”) in the province of HOMS struck two off the Sirat the Syrian aircraft.

In the night of Friday, April 7, U.S. President Donald trump has struck cruise missiles on the airfield shirt, which is use by government forces of Syria.

Washington has accused the Syrian authorities of use of toxic substances during the air attack in Idlib province on April 4, which killed dozens of people. In Damascus reject these accusations.

Earlier the UN security Council has postponed the vote on the draft resolution on the situation in Idlib.