The detainee in Stockholm at the terrorist attack found an Uzbek passport

Continued: media reported about the arrest of the second suspect in the case of the terrorist attack in Stockholm

39-year-old detainee in Stockholm at the terrorist attack found an Uzbek passport. According to the newspaper Aftonbladet, the suspect expressed sympathy of the IG (“Islamic state” terrorist group, which is prohibited in Russia). On his page on Facebook he posted propaganda materials of the extremists and put the huskies photos with the consequences of a terrorist attack on the marathon in Boston in 2013.

Earlier it was reported that the detainee, whose name was not disclosed, acknowledged responsibility for their actions. Currently the investigation is trying to figure out how long he was in Sweden.

Aftonbladet reporters learned that the suspect, who works in the construction industry and has four children. According to his friends, he never talked about politics or religion, being interested only to work to send more money home.

On Friday, April 7, on Drottninggatan, the main pedestrian street of Stockholm — truck crashed into the crowd. The car stopped after he entered the window of one of the stores. According to recent reports, four people were killed, another 15 were injured. Prime Minister Stefan lofven said that the incident has all the hallmarks of a terrorist attack.