The author of the lines “Over the skies of blue…” Anri Volokhonsky

The author of the lines “Over the skies of blue…” Anri Volokhonsky

MOSCOW, April 8 — RIA Novosti. Died poet Henri Volokhonsky, at the age of 81, the author of the poem “Paradise” (“Above the blue sky…”), reports on Saturday, the Israeli news Agency “Cursor” referring to the poet’s friends.

“On the night of the eighth of April at the age of 81 years died the poet Anri Volokhonsky”, — stated in the message.

Died Henri Volokhonsky – He was 81 years old

— Maks Dovger (@NonoOndajoven) 8 APR 2017

Volkonskogo belongs to a large number of poetical works, from ironic miniatures to poems in which the epic and mythological motifs undergo sudden treatment, combining irony to metaphysics. From the works of Henri volkonskogo best known poem “Paradise” (“Above the blue sky…”), written to music by Vladimir Vavilov and subsequently executed by Alexey Khvostenko, and then Boris Grebenshikov in the film “AssA”.

Several texts written Volohonsky in prose; of these, the most well-known novel “the novel is dead man”. In exile Volokhonsky was also engaged in literary translation, releasing a book of transcriptions of Catullus (1982), “Shine” — extract from the book of Zohar (1984) and a collection of fragments transferred from the James Joyce novel “Finnegans Wake” (2000).