Russia will prepare in HOMS, Syria local deminers


RIA Novosti

A branch of an International anti-mine centre of the Russian Armed forces has opened in the Syrian province of HOMS, it will train Syrian military demining.

A branch of an International anti-mine centre of the Russian armed forces in Syria opened on the basis of Military College of engineering of HOMS. Here at the same time will be trained 70 people from the different military parts of Syria, as officers and privates, but mostly those who already have some engineering experience. Courses last for one month, and will be taught by Russian specialists.

Another branch operates in Aleppo, because it is there after years of hostilities and the release of the militants was the need for demining. He has already released two courses of engineers. The academic branch of the International mine action centre in HOMS is more successful from the point of view of geography. In addition, there is a training field, explained to journalists the chief of the engineering troops of the Russian Federation Lieutenant-General Yuri Stavitskiy.

“The opening of the mine action centre here in HOMS, is the fruit of friendship between Russia and Syria, the fruit of cooperation between our countries”, — said at the opening ceremony, the chief of the engineering troops of the SAR, Lieutenant General Abed Elkarim of Alderi.

The Deputy commander of the College for work with staff Colonel Mahad Ali Hassan admitted that “Syria does not have enough specialists, so the help of the Russians is very important.”

“We lack the experts. Russian sappers — very experienced teachers,” added Majad Ali Hassan.

The Governor of HOMS province Talal al-Barazi at the opening ceremony expressed confidence that the new center “will save many lives of the Syrian people”.