In GD a US strike on a base in Syria called policy of double standards

Photo: Reuters The application of Washington’s missile attack on the base in Syria is a policy of double standards from the United States, said the Chairman of the Duma Committee on defence Yury Shvydkin. USA at night on Friday made a rocket attack on a government base in Syria with cruise missiles based on ships of the U.S. Navy. According to the Pentagon, there were 59 missiles. It was noted that the purpose of the missile strike, the US was an airfield in Shayrat, Syria. “The policy of double standards again used by the US, in another way will not name. Today once again convinced that the United States uses “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) as a tool for solving its geopolitical interests, and causes outrage or misunderstanding that air strikes against those forces, in this case a military base in HOMS, the army SAR, who

Morozov compared the air strikes U.S. base in Syria with the bombing of Yugoslavia

Photo: Member of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Igor Morozov compared the airstrike of the USA on the basis of the Syrian air force in HOMS province with the bombing of Yugoslavia and the intervention in Iraq. “The attack on the airbase resembles the bombing of Yugoslavia, the military intervention in Iraq, destruction of Libya and other acts of disregard for international law from the United States,” said Senator RIA Novosti. According to him, “now it is clear that the chemical attack in Idlib was an American provocation to justify the attack on the airbase”. He noted that the US President Donald trump has already abandoned his promise to fight in Syria with the group ISIS* and not with President Bashar Assad. In the night of Friday, the US President Donald trump said that he ordered the missile strike on the airfield in Syria, which was allegedly

Lavrov: the case of the US strike in Syria false and unconvincing

© Mikhail Japaridze/TASS MOSCOW, April 8. /TASS/. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov in telephone conversation with the foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel stated that the arguments of the US attack on the airfield in Syria false and unconvincing. This was stated in the Russian diplomatic Department. Lavrov “explained the Russian position regarding the illegal actions of Washington, which is an act of aggression and flagrant violation of international law, contrary to the objectives of the fight against international terrorism, undermining regional and global security”. “The Russian Minister emphasized the fact that the arguments of the United States in support of its illegal armed action, in particular the reference to the Syrian forces use chemical weapons in Idlib on April 4, unreliable and unconvincing,” said the Russian foreign Ministry. The Russian foreign Minister calls to investigate a rocket attack USA in the province of HOMS. “The

Lavrov said Tillerson that an attack on Syria plays into the hands of extremists

© Vitaliy Belousov /RIA Novosti/ POOL/TASS MOSCOW, April 8. /TASS/. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov in a telephone conversation with U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that caused Washington’s missile strikes on Syria play into the hands of extremists. As reported in the Russian depodesta, the conversation was initiated by the American side.

In the U.S. Congress proposed the establishment of a Tribunal for Syria

In the U.S. Congress proposed the establishment of a Tribunal for Syria In the United States a group of senators have proposed a bill, implying the beginning of the international investigation into alleged war crimes committed by the Syrian authorities. In the document, in particular proposed to create a “hybrid” Tribunal. The proposed bill introduced in the U.S. Congress. Its authors were ex-candidate in presidents of the United States Marco Rubio, senators Ben Cardin, Jeanne Shaheen, Bob Corker, Bob Menendez, and Todd young. The document specifies the loss in the conflict in Syria, suffered by him the damage and the measures already taken to investigate events during the war. A key responsibility for war crimes committed during the war, rests with the Pro-government forces and the regime of Bashar al-Assad In line with this, the draft law proposed within 180 days from the date of its entry into force to

Poland condemned the location of the Katyn reminders of the fallen soldiers

Poland condemned the location of the Katyn reminders of the fallen soldiers The Polish foreign Ministry has condemned the appearance in the stands of the memorial complex in Katyn information about the red army soldiers who died in Polish captivity in 1919 — 1921. A statement published on the Agency’s website. Outrage Warsaw was the fact that during the reconstruction information of the fallen soldiers were placed on information stands in the military cemetery of Polish soldiers killed in Katyn. The Polish foreign Ministry said that the data on the number of dead Soviet soldiers “several times higher than the actual number that have been confirmed by Polish and Russian historians” In addition, the Department stressed that many of the soldiers captured during the Polish-Soviet war 1919 — 1921, died in Poland not because of the conditions in the camps “as a result of the dramatic economic situation faced by

XI Jinping: China and the US should strengthen military cooperation

XI Jinping: China and the US should strengthen military cooperation BEIJING, April 8 — RIA Novosti, Ivan Bulatov. China and the US should strengthen cooperation in the military sphere, to develop and improve the dialogue mechanism, said Saturday the Chinese President XI Jinping. The President of the United States Donald trump and Chinese President XI Jinping met in Florida in the United States on April 6-7. “Parties should work together to continuously strengthen mutual trust and military cooperation”, — quotes on Saturday, the Chinese foreign Ministry of the word, XI Jinping at the meeting with trump. According to the Chinese leader, China and the United States also needs to continuously use and improve the mechanism of notifying each other of important military operations, and also to improve the standards of conduct for security of sea and airspace. “Military security and mutual trust in this sphere are the basis of strategic

Zenit played a draw with Anzhi in the last match at the stadium “Petrovsky”

St. Petersburg “Zenith” tied with Makhachkala “Anji” in the home match 22-th round of the Russian football Premier League (RFPL). About it the correspondent “”. The meeting was held at the stadium “Petrovsky” ended in a draw 1:1. In the “Anji” scored Pavel Yakovlev (21st minute). Blue-white-blue responded with a goal Alexander Kokorin (73-I). In the 50th minute for a foul last hope was removed the defender “Zenith” Nicolas lomberts. “Zenit” scored 43 points and ranks second in the Premier League table behind leaders FC Spartak Moscow at 5 points. The red-white game in hand they will match with the “Ufa” 9 APR. They occupy 11th place with 24 points. The match was the last for St. Petersburg on “Petrovsky”. Subsequent home games blue-white-blue will spend at stadium “Sankt-Petersburg” on Krestovsky island.

Lavrov discussed with Tillerson a US strike on Syrian airbase

Sergei Lavrov The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov held telephone talks with U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, during which the sides discussed a US strike on Syrian airbase. On Saturday, April 8, reported on the website of the Russian foreign Ministry in Facebook. Lavrov said that “the attack on the country, whose government is fighting terrorism only plays into the hands of extremists posed an additional threat to regional and global security.” In addition, the Minister stressed that information on the use of forces of Syria’s chemical weapons in Idlib on 4 April are not true. “Noted the need for a thorough, impartial and professional establishment of facts related to this story”, — stated in the message. Lavrov and Tillerson agreed to continue consideration of the situation in the settlement of the Syrian crisis in a personal meeting.

In a bomb blast in the Syrian bus killed one person

In Syria, explosive device. The explosion, according to preliminary data, led to the death of one woman. Another 25 people were injured. On Saturday, April 8, according to Reuters. According to the Agency, a bomb exploded in a bus near the town Hassia (about 40 kilometers South of HOMS). The vehicle was transporting workers. Details of the incident are not yet known.