MP: the former head of the Mari El Markelov will be a Senator


RIA Novosti

The former head of the Mari El Republic Leonid Markelov can continue to work in the Republic, becoming a Deputy of the regional state Assembly, or go to the Federation Council, told RIA Novosti Secretary of the Mari Republican Committee of the Communist party, head of the Communist party faction in the Republican Parliament Gennady Zubkov.

On Thursday the President of Russia Vladimir Putin dismissed the head of Mari El Leonid Markelov, who had earlier resigned voluntarily. Acting head of the region appointed Alexander Evstifeev.

“The thirty-first of March and 1st of April, we received documents from the state Assembly that the planned session, which will consider two issues — is the early resignation of the Deputy Leukhina and the introduction of a second post of the first Deputy Chairman of the state Assembly… immediately became Clear to many that this is done in order to Markelov became a member, and the law allows it to him, he headed the Republican list “an United Russia” in the elections. And there are two options: either remain in the state Assembly, or it will become a Senator representing the state Assembly,” he said.

At the moment, the Republican Chairman of the Parliament, there are three Deputy, one first Deputy. In a statement on the website of the state Assembly said that at the meeting on 5 April was “ahead of schedule stopped powers of the Deputy of the national Assembly of the Republic of Mari El of the sixth convocation, member of the Committee for social development Leukhina A. N.”.

According to Zubkov, the Communist party “there was no doubt that he (Markelov) will be finalized before the end of the term of office”. “I think that today in the Republic is a historic day — it freed finally from the more than 16-year reign Markelov. The new appointee will have a lot to rake “Augean stables” left behind by the previous reign of Mr. Markelov,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Zubkov also noted that for them now it is important whether Evstifeev organizer of all the healthy forces in the Republic in order that it has ceased to “languish at the end of the worst regions of the Russian Federation, including the standard of living, wages and a number of other indicators, and would progress, albeit small steps, but forward.”