Lukashenko said that Russia is not ready for full-fledged Union state

Lukashenko said that Russia is not ready for full-fledged Union state

MINSK, 7 APR — RIA Novosti. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that Russia is not yet ready to build full-fledged Union state, and urged Moscow to work together to solve the issue of equal conditions in the economy.

“Treaty on the Union state… But we moved away from it. And we had to hold a referendum to create the common law — the common Constitution of our future Union state. But at the time we didn’t, took it and yanked the individual questions and began to address them”, — said Lukashenko in interview to TV channel “Mir”. The transcript of the interview posted on the official website of the President of Belarus.

Lukashenka noted that Minsk and Moscow “solved all the problems for people — for the free movement of people, labor,” there are difficulties in the economy, in particular, to the carriage of goods.

Speaking about the formation of the Union state, Lukashenko said that “today we are not ready, and not as many Belarusians, as the Russians and the Russian leadership”

In his opinion, people and businesses of the two countries should have equal conditions for living and production. “Well you see, what is the playing field, if we get five times, businesses our natural gas than Russia? And the overall market, there to compete? So we have the cost cut down to the appropriate price to keep, and people pay less pay, and other activities to carry out, and upgrading is difficult to maintain, because the profit decreases,” added the Belarusian leader.

Lukashenka urged Russia in a crisis not confined within a national framework.

Imposed sanctions against Russia, in certain areas and against Belarus remain… So let’s work together today to act. Just a moment that we have to push for unity, to unite, and we, on the contrary, create problems, not to unite, but to disperse in different stroyelement Lucasentertainment Belarus