Kosachev said the U.S. strike on Syrian airbase support terrorists

Konstantin Kosachev

US strike on the basis of Syrian government forces in HOMS have placed themselves outside international anti-terrorism agreements, committing just two dangerous act. Such an opinion in his Facebook was expressed by the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev.

First, he noted, is aggression against a sovereign state, and, secondly, the obvious support of the terrorists, who, as reported, already went on the offensive in some areas.

The aggravation of the situation in Syria was a direct consequence of aggressive and at the same time frankly clumsy U.S. actions that have become a “trademark” of the new management trying to solve the internal problems cowboy swoops in foreign Affairs, he stressed.

However, as emphasized Kosachev, all the consequences of these actions even it hard to predict, since the suspension of the Memorandum on flights over Syria may be just the beginning.

According to Kosachev, this decision does not mean that the Russian air force will get involved in military action against the United States and those who support them, if not a direct threat to our military in Syria. But if illegitimate attack the US does not get an adequate assessment from the international community, it can be interpreted as a signal to continue the attempts to achieve by military means all the less obvious goals of Washington in Syria. And then all of the threat of collision in any configuration grow multiply, concluded the Senator.

USA in the night of Friday, April 7, struck with cruise missiles at the airfield shirt used by government forces in Syria. After that Russia suspended the Memorandum on the prevention of incidents and ensuring the safety of aviation operations in Syria, concluded in October 2015 between Washington and Moscow.

The strike followed the US charges against Damascus of using chemical weapons during an air attack in Idlib province on 4 April, which reportedly killed dozens of people.