In the U.S. Congress proposed to create a “hybrid Tribunal” in Syria

A group of senators suggested that the upper chamber of Congress to study the bill, which in the U.S. can be created “hybrid Tribunal” in Syria. The text of the document published on the website of the former participant of presidential race Mark Rubio.

In the case of a the court will consider “war crimes and crimes against humanity of the regime of Bashar Assad.”

One of the authors of the bill, Republican Senator Todd young, said that “justice and U.S. security interests require that we not sit idly by while innocent Syrian men, women and children gassed, tortured and killed”.

The bill was introduced after the US attack in the night of 7 April on the airfield shirt used by governmental armies of Syria. By order of the President of Donald trump’s two destroyers released 59 cruise missiles. The shelling began after the Syrian opposition about the alleged use of loyal Assad forces of chemical weapons in Idlib province, which killed 80 people. Damascus has denied any involvement in the incident.

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev expressed the view that the attack on the airbase was done in violation of international law and has put Moscow and Washington “on the brink of military clashes”.