Go to fight some “old men”. 10 actors, many years playing one role

Go to fight some “old men”. 10 actors, many years playing one role

Dominic Toretto, Freddy Krueger, Ethan hunt, Dirty Harry Aify recalls the most “long” the role of celebrities.

On the street fans of the Saga about James bond again holiday — there are reports that Daniel Craig has agreed to return in the franchise, although repeatedly stated that he wants to hang up the superspy suit on a nail.

The British actor is not the most “long-playing” bond in franchise history (the record is Roger Moore, who played agent of Her Majesty 7 times), but since his arrival on the main role has dramatically increased the interest already, it would seem, become familiar character. Aify offers to remember even 10 stars who can boast such endurance and loyalty to the character.

Tom Cruise

Movie7.6 Mission impossible: rogue nation

Experience in the role of Ethan hunt: 21.

Number of movies: 5.

Tom cruise and his team keep up the momentum. For 20 years, the screen comes a series of action films “Mission: impossible” on the indestructible agent Ethan Hunt. Despite the fact that every year Hollywood handsome increasingly difficult to play the main role (according to tradition, he refuses the services of doubles and impressive tricks performed personally), 54-year-old actor continues.

The sixth film in the series “Mission impossible” will be released July 27, 2018 (the producers are confident that their project is not worse than the “James bond” and deserves at least 24 episodes).

It is not surprising that he keeps Cruz in the role of special agent his fee for participation in the action is growing from film to film, and for the first part of “the Mission”, which was released in 1996, it still receives millions in royalties.

VIN Diesel

Experience in the role of Dominic Toretto: 16.

Number of movies: 6.

Next week in Russian cinemas will start the next series of “fast and Furious” — the largest and most profitable franchise for Universal. The main role in the anticipated blockbuster played by VIN Diesel, has 16 years traveling about the cinema in the role of Dominic Toretto. Although the action star because of his own whims missed the second and third parts of the Saga (it does not accept neither the fee nor the script), along with the dead in 2013 Paul Walker, he is considered the face of the “fast and Furious”.

Today, the 49-year-old Diesel in the role of a street racer feels great. He is planning to star in “fast and Furious” for at least another 4 years (ninth and tenth part of the Saga is scheduled for 2019 and 2021).

Sylvester Stallone

Experience in the role of rocky Balboa: 41.

Number of movies: 7.

Sylvester Stallone, last year celebrated the 70th anniversary, admits: “For me, rocky was a native person.” Still, after the Hollywood star plays a professional boxer and trainer for over 40 years.

In 1976, Stallone himself came up for the role of rocky Balboa, in consequence included in the list of the best heroes in movie history (according to the American Institute of arts). But even more wisely he did, it was time to depart on the second plan. As a result, worthy of box office action movie 2015 “creed: Legacy rocky” where Stallone played a mentor of Michael Jordan (and there are plans for “creed 2” is scheduled for November 2017).

Robert Englund

Experience in the role of Freddy Krueger: 19.

Number of movies: 8.

It’s one thing decades to drive in the coolest cars and to change beauty-and more — to spend hours in the makeup chair, as did Robert Englund. For 19 years, the actor in the role of Freddy Krueger frightened the audience, and you did it so well that the producers even thought to change the executor of the party monster.

Despite the fact that the artist of the painting had a few hours to apply makeup and talkative charismatic actor, Englund said he really liked to play series of horror films “a Nightmare on elm street”. In addition, from 1988 to 1990, he starred in the role of Kruger and on television — in two years was filmed 44 episodes of the TV anthology “Freddy’s Nightmares”.

Clint Eastwood

Experience in the role of Dirty Harry: 17.

Number of movies: 5.

The main cowboy of Hollywood Clint Eastwood has long been plunged into directing, but his conscience has a character-survivor — police detective Harry Callahan (better known by the nickname Dirty Harry).

In 1971 took on the role 40-year-old Eastwood was the perfect actor for the image of a hunter of criminals, who knows everything about police rules, but sometimes allows himself to break them. Harry was the first cool COP American cinema, but was probably the most popular. Fortunately, Eastwood stopped in time: in 1988 in the film “Game in death” the last time he reincarnated in the famous detective from San Francisco.

Robert Downey Jr.

Experience in the role of Tony stark: 9 years.

Number of movies: 7.

Participation in the adaptation of comics, as a rule, actors guarantees employment for many years to come. In 2008 one of these “lucky ones” was Robert Downey Jr., which the film company Marvel Studios was asked to play the role of billionaire and philanthropist Tony stark. The proposal was just what we needed: after a series of scandals associated with drug abuse and jail time, Iron man returned to Downey Jr., the status of the actor category.

Next year Hollywood is going to celebrate its first decade in the shoes of “Iron man” film, “Avengers: infinity War”. As you can guess, this is just the beginning.

Harrison Ford

Experience in the role of Indiana Jones: 36 years.

Number of movies: 4.

Movies adventure Indiana Jones has come into our lives for a long time. In 1981 viewers captivated a fascinating story and charming young archaeologist in the performance of Harrison Ford. It’s been 36 years, the Saga of Indiana Jones has already earned $1.9 billion, but the producers and Ford as ever confident in its future success.

Premiere date new movie about the archaeologist-adventurer announced on July 19, 2019. By this time the restless adventurer Ford celebrated his 77th birthday.

Daniel Radcliffe

Experience in the role of Harry Potter: 12 years old.

Number of movies: 8.

Movies about Harry Potter is not a full-fledged franchise, and is divided into eight equal parts story. However, her young actors had to spend on this job 12 years of life.

At the end of Harry Potter all the main cast become in-demand artists. And in order to quickly get rid of the annoying role, began to appear in the most diverse and even controversial films — particularly successful in this “wizard with the scar on his forehead” Daniel Radcliffe. For example, his recent work was the film “Man Swiss army knife” where he played the role of a reanimated corpse.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Experience in the role of Terminator: 33.

Number of movies: 4.

Since Arnold Schwarzenegger uttered the famous phrase “I’ll be back!” has been more than 30 years. During this time a Hollywood celebrity has been Governor of California and raised four children, but about my favorite hero and is not forgotten.

Days 69-year-old Schwarzenegger announced the intention to appear in another Thriller that was for the fans a real surprise, because just a few months ago, the largest film Studio Paramount Pictures refused to produce a new “Terminator” as the last film about the cyborg “Terminator: Genesis” in 2015 did not meet their expectations (with a budget of $155 million in the U.S., he has collected only $89,8 million).

Johnny Weismuller

Experience in the role of Tarzan for 16 years.

Number of movies: 12.

Experience in the role of Jim for 6 years.

Number of movies: 13.

The absolute record holder among true to its characters actors — athlete-swimmer, five-time Olympic champion johnny Weismuller, well known as a performer of the role of Tarzan. And although he’s not the first player who played the king of the jungle (the first Tarzan reincarnated notorious Elmo Lincoln in 1918), Weismuller brand invented the Tarzan yell, he raised the box-office franchise to unprecedented heights. From 1932 to 1948, the famous swimmer played the role of the APE-man as much as 12 times, earning her about $2 million.

It’s funny that on this adventure of Weissmuller in the jungle was not over. When you are finished with Tarzan, actor and swimmer began shooting in the Saga about “Jim of the Jungle”. In the role of Jim, the audience saw weismuller in the 13th films that are shot in just 6 years.