Former President of Romania will deprive the Moldovan citizenship

Former President of Romania will deprive the Moldovan citizenship

Moscow. 7 APR. INTERFAX.RU — Decree of the President of Moldova Igor Dodon on the deprivation of Moldovan citizenship to the former President of Romania, Traian Basescu remains in force.

This decision was made on Friday, the appeal chamber of Chisinau, said Friday night on his page in Facebook adviser to the President on legal issues Maxim Lebedinsky.

“As you might expect. Illegal the decision of the judge Viorica, puica, which suspended the President’s decree on deprivation of citizenship of Mr. T. Basescu, was cancelled,” wrote counselor.

He said that cancelled the judge’s decision on suspension of the decree.

The decision of the Appeals chamber on this matter is final and not appealable

As for challenging the decree, then, according to Lebedinsky, the case of deprivation of citizenship of Moldova, Basescu will be considered on the merits.

As reported, on 3 January the President of Moldova Igor Dodon signed the decree about deprivation of Moldovan citizenship by former Romanian President băsescu, as “citizenship was granted in violation of the law”. In February of this decree was challenged in court, and in March the court issued a decision on suspension of the operation pending consideration of the claim on the merits.

Basescu and Maria Basescu asked the citizenship of Moldova March 8, 2016. Despite the fact that according to the law for citizenship is examined in the course of the year, the statement of the former Romanian President was considered as a priority. Former President of Moldova Nicolae Timofti signed a decree granting them citizenship June 9, 2016. Deputies from the Party of socialists protested the decree in the constitutional court, which, however, denied the request. Basescu with his wife took the oath and received passports of citizens of Moldova November 3, 2016 between the first and second round of presidential elections in Moldova. Basescu said at the time that he becomes a citizen of Moldova to have the opportunity to vote in the election of the President of Moldova against the candidate of the socialist Dodon.