Discovered the benefits of Pets for children’s health

Discovered the benefits of Pets for children’s health

Recent studies show that the presence of furry animals in the house can positively affect the microflora of the child, which in turn will reduce the risk of childhood obesity.

Long been known that within the adult lives of a large number of useful bacteria is the so — called microflora.

But in newborn babies the composition of the microflora is markedly poorer.

Despite the fact that the colonization of the intestine occurs relatively quickly, the period before and after birth is a critical time for the development of the microflora in infants.

The set of these germs that affect our current and future health, develops and increases with age and under the influence of the environment, according to the portal BiomedCentral.

Some time ago it was proved that regular interaction with Pets reduces the risk of allergies in children under one year of age

But Dr. Anita Czerski from the University of Alberta have discovered a greater number of bacteria Oscillospira and Ruminococcus from three children in families with Pets.

The bacteria Oscillospira has a relationship with a low body mass index in infants and adults. This is due to its positive interaction with Christenseella minuta, bacteria, contributing to weight loss. The role of Ruminococcus in child health is not yet very clear, but maybe it affects lower food sensitivity.

Moreover it is necessary to remember that Pets can be carriers of zoonotic diseases, so when you communicate newborns and Pets still need to observe all necessary precautions.