Dead cosmonaut Georgy Grechko

Dead cosmonaut Georgy Grechko

Cosmonaut has died on 86-m to year of life.

Moscow. April 8. INTERFAX.RU — on the night of April 8 on 86-m to year of life has died the pilot-cosmonaut of USSR, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Georgy Grechko, according to the website of the magazine “news of cosmonautics”.

Georgy Grechko was born in Leningrad. After graduating in 1955 from the Leningrad military mechanical Institute he worked as an engineer, senior engineer.

Participated in the development of the first Soviet satellites and interplanetary stations. In 1966, he was enlisted by the head of the group of candidates in cosmonauts-verifiers, and on may 27, 1968, by order of the Minister of General engineering was enlisted in the cosmonaut detachment.

Grechko made three space flights

First — 11 January-9 February 1975 as a flight engineer of spacecraft “Soyuz-17” and the first major expedition on the orbital station “Salyut-4”.

Second, a record for its time, from 10 December 1977 to 16 March 1978 as flight engineer of spacecraft “Soyuz-26” and the first expedition to station “Salyut-6”.

The third — from 17 to 26 September 1985 as a flight engineer of spacecraft “Soyuz T-14” (start) and “Soyuz T-13” (landing) during a shift change at the station “Salyut-7”.

In may 1986, Grechko worked at the Institute of physics of the biosphere of wounds, remaining until March 1992, cosmonaut-researcher of the institution, and then — researcher. He defended the degree of candidate of engineering (1967) and doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences.

Grechko — the author of the memoirs “Cosmonaut No. 34. From kindling to aliens.”