Clinton: Russia applied to the United States information weapons during the elections


RIA Novosti

Former U.S. Secretary of state and rival Donald trump in the presidential race, Hillary Clinton said that Russia used in the campaign information as a weapon, but to fully understand how it was effective, she can not yet.

“Russia has been successful in its influence on elections through information weapons. I don’t fully understand how it was effective,” she said, speaking at the summit of the “women of the world”.

“I’m fine, but as an American citizen I’m worried. I am concerned about the history with Russia, and it seems to me that we are all together, regardless of party affiliation or any other affiliation, must act as American patriots. Foreign power intervened in our elections… And there are a lot of concerns that I share,” continued Clinton.

According to her, the task of the Russian Federation was “to send us into a deep tailspin”. “But what was the effect on our elections as an American I hope whoever it was, whether Congress, FBI Lee, independent journalists answer this question”, — she summed up.

In October, the Ministry of internal security and the office of the Director of national intelligence said about the alleged involvement of the Russian government to hacker attacks committed earlier in 2016 in respect of political organizations in the United States. Later CIA through the media accused Russia of hacking the servers of the party Democratic party to help Donald Trump, who won the presidential elections on 8 November.

The US President-elect Donald trump believes the accusations against Russia are false and claims that his political opponents-Democrats try using these allegations to question the election results and take responsibility for the loss. Trump has called the allegations of Russian interference in presidential election for his support “ridiculous”.

In Moscow charges of hacking attacks flatly denied, calling them unsubstantiated. No evidence of Russia’s involvement in them to affect the outcome of the presidential election, the U.S. government never filed.

The white house acknowledged that on election day, no increased activity of the hackers was not observed. Congress, in turn, has demanded from special services to familiarize them with the results of the investigation, however, this was not done.