XI Jinping arrived in the United States to meet with trump

XI Jinping arrived in the United States to meet with trump

WASHINGTON, 6 Feb — RIA Novosti. Chinese President XI Jinping arrived in the United States for the first meetings and talks with the President of the United States Donald trump, according to CNN.

The plane the Chinese leader landed at the airport in palm beach, Florida at 13.40 on East coast time USA (20.40 GMT). The arrival of trump in Florida is expected in the coming hours.

After winning the first trump in the presidential election meeting with President of China will take place at the residence of the trump Mar-a-Lago. According to the schedule of the visit, on Thursday evening, the two presidents and their spouses will hold a joint dinner. Talks are scheduled for Friday.

Trump calls the Mar-a-Lago, his “summer White house” and was taken to the residence of the Prime Minister of Japan. As reported earlier in March the us media, the head of China has no plans to stay at trump’s residence and will live in the hotel nearby.

It is expected that the main topics of the meeting will be bilateral relations, especially the trade imbalance, the Taiwan issue, the dispute over the South China sea and the DPRK nuclear issue. Experts point out that this visit will be more cognitive and will not bring the breakthrough agreement, but only allow the two leaders to know each other.