The state Duma has stood up for Medvedev



At the meeting of the state Duma on 5 April, the deputies rejected made by the representatives of the Communist party the initiative on the investigation data of the “Fund of struggle against corruption” (FBK) about the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. About it reports TASS.

Against a parliamentary inquiry voted the majority of deputies of the lower house of Parliament.

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on security, member of “United Russia” Vasily Piskarev said that his past work – the Investigative Committee – he often dealt with the materials of the FBC. According to him, investigation of the Foundation have “nothing to do with truth, and especially with the fight against corruption”.

“The product of his creativity, as it turned out informed (and I am sure that now the situation is the same), a symbiosis of the mud, fantasy, staged stunts and rigging with a strong political and provocative overtones,” said Piskarev.

Earlier, the initiative of the Communist party was made by the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin. As the media reported, according to Volodina, “to support the instruction of the Communist party means to support” opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Also Volodin urged the factions to unite “to protect the Prime Minister from attacks Navalny, who sings with the voice of Western intelligence agencies”.

Medvedev himself has called the investigation FBK “nonsense and some papers” made “on the basis of compote”. According to the Prime Minister, has ordered this material people “has a very specific political purpose.” “Take it all different kinds of rubbish, any rubbish is collected about me, if it’s about me, about my friends, about the people, about whom I never heard. About some of the places I’ve been. About some of the places that I’ve never heard”, – assured the head of government.

Bulk he called “judge of character” that “drags people on to the streets” to become President.

In early March, the FCO based Navalny has published an investigation regarding the assets that supposedly have with Medvedev. This inquiry became the occasion for anti-corruption actions that had taken place on March 26, about a hundred Russian cities.