The network has revealed the strange Hobbies of the richest people in the world

The network has revealed the strange Hobbies of the richest people in the world

Users of Reddit revealed what is actually fond of richest people in the world. In the end, the discussion has garnered over 14 thousand comments.

Was initiated by the user with the nickname Djcard1 published in a special section of the AskReddit question “What are the things about which ordinary people have never heard of, addicted to the super-rich?” In response, the visitors sent thousands of examples of unusual Hobbies of millionaires.

“They’re dining abroad. I heard about wealthy Londoners who just jump in their helicopters and fly to Paris for dinner and then come back,” shared one of them.

“They use seasonal furniture: “it’s almost April. It is time for us to get our spring beds and a sunbed, and even to replace the winter dining table and a Chinese service in the spring. Better to get all the matching curtains” — mocked the wealthy user with the nickname 7ofalltrades.

Some did not repeat the rumors, deciding to share with visitors to Reddit’s own experience. “The CEO of the company where I previously worked, dug in his back yard huge pool, where he plunged the wreck, so he could scuba dive and swim around it,” said RedBarnGuy.

“I worked in a bookstore in new York, which was located in a building with many luxurious apartments. One day we went to a couple. Included told that just moved and need to buy a lot of books to beautifully decorate home library. They instructed us what types of books they need. But for the most part bought wholesale, based on our recommendations of works that would show their guests what they’re smart and well-read. They paid us 25 thousand dollars, only to someone to show that they have a library,” — said Chaosrayne9000.

His post has gathered more than 33 thousand likes and become the most popular in the discussion.