The head of the Federation Council Committee on defence commented on the U.S. attack against Syria

Viktor Ozerov

The application of a us missile strike on the airbase in Syria could call into question the agreements reached with the Syrian opposition, including the Geneva platform. This opinion was expressed to RIA Novosti by the head of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Ozerov.

According to the Senator, the US attack on the airbase could also undermine the efforts already undertaken to fight terrorism in Syria.

He also said that Russia will demand an urgent convocation of the UN security Council in connection with the application of a United States missile attack on an air base in Syria. According to the Senator, this impact can be seen as an act of aggression against a member state of the UN.

Furthermore, Ozerov said that the U.S. strike can undermine the interaction between the American and Russian military in Syria, as Washington has had no contact with the Russian leadership before applying.

In the night of Friday, April 7, the Pentagon on the orders of the President of Donald trump has struck cruise missiles on the airfield shirt, which is use by government forces of Syria.

Washington has accused Damascus in the use of toxic substances during the air attack in Idlib province on April 4, which killed dozens of people. Syrian authorities reject these accusations.