The Communist party will demand the resignation of the government



The Communist party on April 8 will hold in Moscow a rally demanding the resignation of the government Dmitry Medvedev. Similar events take place in seven Russian cities, including Ufa, Irkutsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Kostroma. This “Izvestia” said a source in the Communist party and was confirmed by press Secretary of Communist party Alexander Yushchenko. After the Duma rejected the Communists ‘ initiative to conduct a parliamentary investigation against Dmitry Medvedev, they have stated that they will continue to demand the resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers. Experts believe that in this way the Communist party tries to take over the agenda of the forces critical of the Russian Prime Minister, and to remind you that the Communists are the main opposition in the country.

In the application to hold a rally as it pointed out the rising prices of essential commodities, increasing rates in the housing sector and unemployment. However, April 6 said the source “Izvestia” in the Communist party, the party has decided to add one more point – the requirement to send in resignation of the Russian government and its head Dmitry Medvedev.

– We do not hold unsanctioned political rallies. The requirement to send the Prime Minister to resign will be one of the points of a common agenda of the Communists. In Moscow, in addition to the resignation Medvedev will demand the solution of problems of the deceived shareholders and other large groups of disgruntled citizens, – have informed “news” the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party Sergei Obukhov.

Communist reminded that all March party held protests in the regions, requiring a revision of the “course of domestic economic policy.” While Obukhov did not associate the protest activity of the Communist party rejected the draft resolution of the Communist faction in the state Duma.

According to the coordinator of protest actions of the Communist party, Deputy Chairman of the Communist party Vladimir Kashin, all of the shares held by the Communists in Moscow and the regions agreed or held in meetings of the deputies with the citizens (law that classifies such meetings, the rallies, the state Duma has accepted yesterday in the first reading).

– Actions will be directed against the economic block of the government. Event April 8, in addition to the criticism of the impoverishment of citizens will be supplemented by calls for anti-terrorism and anti – corruption, also explained Cashin.

A press-the Secretary of party Alexander Yushchenko said that protests will be held across the country, however, the requirement to send the government in resignation will sound everywhere.

– Depending on the protest potential of the region in each subject, our supporters and party members are going to say about the requirements to send in resignation of the Prime Minister, – the Communist told “Izvestia”.

He stressed that the Duma’s decision to reject the request of the faction of the Communist party to conduct a parliamentary investigation had nothing to do with refresh requirements of resignation of the government and the Prime Minister.

– One year required change of policy of the government. We demand the resignation of the government, and the party argues that the ten theses, – said Yushchenko.

Vice-President of the Center for political technologies, Rostislav Turovsky recalled that, traditionally, fighters for the resignation of the current government were the Communists, each time confirming its opposition.

– In the center of the company was competing player and they must try to regain its position on the opposition flank. Youth audience, of course, they won’t take, for them more important than disgruntled working population of middle age is promising, but unstable base of support. Try to mobilize due to the anti-government rhetoric, and the Communists it will do. In addition, they are very interested in the fact that in informal competition with the liberal democratic party is still ahead of her to ensure that it was considered the main opposition party in the country, – told “Izvestia” Turov.

The General Director of “Agency of political and economic communications” Dmitry Orlov believes that through their activities the Communists are trying to kill the agenda of unsanctioned rallies on March 26. However, the action of the Communist party, according to Orlov, will have success in the regions.

– Ratings of Dmitry Medvedev favorable enough for Prime Minister. And that the negative wave is initiated by Bulk, the bulk of Russians are not affected. It is communications company, which was carried out in the network could cover only part of the population, – said Orlov.

The head of Fund “the Petersburg policy” Michael Vinogradov believes that in the current situation the Communists will be difficult to once again raise the issue of the resignation of the government.

From the anti-corruption agenda more freshness and lightness, and the word “housing” – heavy, nailed to the ground. In the likelihood of changes in where people believe it is much less than in the victory over corruption – although the theme of housing to citizens and closer, he concluded.