The candidate for city-managers of Omsk depicted his program with the help of Emoji

The candidate for the position of city Manager of Omsk, the 59-year-old Victor Cheredov portrayed its program for the development of the city by using the encrypted characters. The relevant document posted on the official website of the city Council.

As writes the edition “Superock”, presentation of programs, candidates for mayor and clearly has not been established. The program Cheredova fit on one sheet of A4. In particular, he proposes to make Omsk worthy to be called the third capital.

“To solve this problem is possible only by joint application to the city (like the economy) the science of agglomeration and the city (as a population) — the science of passionate ethnogenesis (pride),” — said Cheredov. In addition, in his opinion, it is necessary to deal with current problems and “work like a galley slave”. The list of priorities he pointed out in the form of Emoji.

For the position of head of Omsk claim 12 candidates. Powers of the operating mayor Vyacheslav Dvorakovsky expire on 11 July. Elections of 2017 will be the first year when the mayor will be elected by deputies of the city Council.

14 April 2016, the year the inhabitant of Omsk Ekaterina Chernenko on the direct line with President Vladimir Putin raised the issue of bad roads in the municipality. The next day at city hall reported that during the day repaired four thousand square meters of roads, with Chernenko said that the work has not been carried out.