Son of trump, millionaire, Advisor, philanthropist: who is Jared Kushner

Son of trump, millionaire, Advisor, philanthropist: who is Jared Kushner

TASS tells how the husband of the daughter of trump became one of the most influential people in Washington.

At 36 years old Jared Kushner has reached an unprecedented height — he is a multimillionaire, the owner of one of the largest development companies in new York, and senior Advisor to the President of the United States, his father-in-law of Donald trump. The young officer is credited with numerous accomplishments of the organization Dating trump and Henry Kissinger and Rupert Merdoka to establish a virtual campaign of rebublicans billionaire in social networks. Recently, the role of Kouchner in the White house became so great that it seriously called shadow President.

To avoid further embarrassment for the USA, Deputy Pres. Jared Kushner should meet with world leaders, not Trump…

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“Jared, do tell me how to finish my homework”

Born with a silver spoon

Born Jared Corey Kushner was born in a family of Orthodox Jews in 1981 in Livingston, new Jersey. About himself he told me that the grandson of the Belarusian partisans. His grandmother Raisa Kushner was rescued from the Novogrudok ghetto and met her future husband Joseph Berkowitz as a partisan of the Bielski brothers. Joseph took his wife’s surname, because he came from a very poor family.

In 1949, Kushniry moved from Belarus to the USA, where the grandfather of Jared came all the way from an ordinary Builder to the investor in the real estate market. Descendants of Joseph did not speak Belarusian or Russian, but a treasured family tradition and made a generous donation of Novogrudok historical-regional Museum.

Such as Jared Kushner, the West is called “born with a silver spoon in his mouth” — in the sense that he and his brother Joshua, and two sisters, Nicole and Dara, from early childhood grew up in luxury and never knew poverty. His father, Charles Kushner is a well — known philanthropist and magnate, founder of the development company and Kushner Companies one of the main sponsors of the Democratic party — has made billions on the sale of real estate in new Jersey. In business, Kushner Sr. was not opposed to schemes, which, in 2005, he was sentenced to imprisonment for tax evasion, illegal contributions to the campaign and pressure on witnesses.

Curiously, the Prosecutor in the case against Charles Kushner were Chris Christie, who later became Governor of new Jersey and one of the main supporters of Donald trump. Among the American journalists are of the opinion that later Jared Kushner “revenge” Christy insisted on his dismissal from the transition team trump after winning the Republican election in 2016.

In his youth, Kouchner went to private Jewish school — yeshiva, but was not particularly diligent student.

Famous journalist Daniel Golden in his book “Price of admission” writes that the father of Jared donated $2.5 million to have his son get into Harvard.

Already in his student years, Kushner began to make their first real estate transaction, earning for a few years, $20 million In 2006 to $10 million bought the newspaper the New York Observer and breathed new life into it. Two years later, he became Executive Director of the development company of the father, and in this role he carried out several major operations with office and residential buildings (including acquired office building on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan for $1.8 billion).

In 2009, Kushner married a representative of another large real estate family in new York, the daughter of Donald trump Ivanka. Before the marriage was fixed, she adopted the Jewish faith, and has since been leading a corresponding lifestyle.

Publication from Ivanka Trump (@ivankatrump) January 2017 7 23:12 PST

The couple Kushner-trump raise their three children in the traditions of Judaism, adheres to a kosher diet, donating money to synagogues and Jewish schools. Both are also diligently observe the Sabbath: from sundown on Friday until Saturday night they turn off their phones and do not participate in any public Affairs.

Journalists note that coincidentally it was during the Shabbat Donald trump writes the most scandalous tweets and makes his most controversial statements.

As for political views, Kouchner usually attributed to the Democrats, but there are no reliable data on its membership in a particular party. It is known that over the past decade he has donated $100 thousand to politicians from the Democratic party, and only once donated money to the Republican former new York mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Anyway, during the presidential race of 2016 Kouchner entirely was on the side of his father, and more — have made a substantial, if not decisive contribution to his rise to power.

Trump’s Political Consultant

Kouchner entered the campaign headquarters of the trump immediately after his nomination for the presidency — the good relations between father-and son-in-law has always been extremely positive.

Gradually and very confident young man began to participate in almost all aspects of the campaign — many as in the campaign headquarters and beyond, called Kouchner’s the de facto leader of the election team. He helped the Tramp to choose Director of communications, oversaw the work on creation of the system of collecting money online, and also had a hand in writing several programmatic speeches of the Republican.

With its filing, according to Politico, in June 2016 from the staff was dismissed the chief campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski, who believed Kouchner as his rival. The young man also belongs to the idea of creating a proper channel of trump — according to Reuters, Kouchner contacted the head located in the new York investment Bank LionTree Azeem Burkoff, which has extensive experience in launching new media.

But perhaps the greatest merit — they organized a campaign in support of trump on the Internet and social networks. As reported in an interview with Forbes, billionaire Eric Schmidt, who heads the company Alphabet, which includes Google, “Jared understood the online world, as no one in traditional media.”

He managed to organize a presidential campaign with minimal cost and using new technologies and won.Eric Smithlea Alphabet

According to him, the crew of the tramp “led to the victory of Jared”.

The fact that trump almost not able to use computer technologies, but is aware of the importance of social networks, including Twitter. When he realized that “in his campaign of social sharing underused”, asked the son-in-law for help, and that is found.

I called some friends from Silicon valley, among which are the world’s best experts on digital marketing, and asked how to spin this thing. They gave me their subcontractors.Jared Kushner

Test of strength in the implementation of business technology politics was the “microTargeting in Facebook to promote the trump brand. The experience was a success: sales of caps, t-shirts and other Souvenirs with symbols of the campaign jumped from $8 thousand to $80 thousand a day. Then Kushner has invested $160 million in the production and distribution of a series of videos, which trump just spoke, looking into the camera. They collected a total of more than 74 million views.

The same principle — “cheap and cheerful” — Kushner used further. By June 2016, he took control of all the work in the virtual space, and his right hand was Texan brad Parscale, to create a “digital headquarters” campaign. “We are not afraid of change, not afraid of failure, trying to do everything very cheaply and very quickly, — said Kouchner. — If something worked, then it “killed” quickly are all solved, quickly repaired the broken and replicate what worked.”

Publication from Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) Jun 30 2016 2:12 PDT

“Soon database operations dictated all decisions of the campaign: travel itineraries, fundraising, advertising, the selection of meeting places and even those to performances,” writes Forbes. In the end, the system Kouchner gave more than enough cash and knowing where to spend it, says the publication, citing as examples the States of Pennsylvania and Michigan, which initially was considered hopeless from the standpoint of the Republicans. In both States, trump eventually won.

Ties with Russia

Kouchner has not bypassed the scandal associated with the contacts of trump and his entourage with representatives of the Russian Federation. As wrote The New York Times, in December 2016 in-law of the President and his former assistant for national security Michael Flynn met in new York with the Russian Ambassador to the USA Sergei Kislyak and Sergey Gorkov head came under U.S. sanctions Bank.

According to sources, CNN, in the course of this meeting, Kouchner tried to “find the right people to interact with Russia.” He asked Kislyak to call someone who would be a “good mediator” in regard to possible work with Russia in the future. Environment trump was allegedly interested in establishing informal contacts with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Similar efforts have been made in relation to representatives of other States. The possibility of lifting sanctions against Moscow during the meeting were discussed.

After the information about these negotiations was the properties of the public, Kushner decided to voluntarily report to the U.S. Senate about their international contacts. Recall that the investigation of trump contacts with the authorities of the Russian Federation are committees on intelligence in both houses of Congress and the FBI. It is the concealment of relations with the Russian officials was worth the post, Michael Flynn — on the eve of the inauguration of the trump he was talking to Ambassador Kislyak about the possible lifting of sanctions, lacking the appropriate authority.

Moscow’s position is that Flynn’s resignation is an internal matter of the US authorities, but Kouchner, the Russian leadership is not interested in. The Kremlin was not aware of the meeting, the leadership of the VEB with Kouchner, as it was part of the routine activities of the Bank, told journalists the press-Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

In the VEB noted that the management of the company for 2016, has repeatedly met with representatives of leading global financial institutions in the course of these negotiations, “discussed the current practices of international development banks, promising directions, and industry.” “The meeting took place at the roadshow on the development strategy of Vnesheconombank 2021 c a number of representatives of major banks and of the U.S. business community, including with the head of Kushner Companies Gerdom Kouchner,” reads a press release of the Bank.

The situation around contacts-in-law trump commented on Vladimir Putin himself: “Here now (in America) raise questions about meeting our businessmen, bankers. What did American businesses do not come here do not communicate with our representatives, including with the Russian government? Well, and how they work otherwise, of course, communicate.” Speculation about who the Ambassador Kislyak participated in “some kind of espionage action” the Russian leader has described as “nonsense”.

The handyman

The American media speculated that after the arrival of the trump to power Kouchner may be appointed to the post of chief of staff of the White house staff. However, the new President announced that this position is the Chairman of the National Committee of the Republican party, Raines, Bribes. Kushner also received the post of senior adviser to the President, the same post is Ivanka.

To remove suspicions of nepotism both refused to pay.

Established in 1967, the United States has a law prohibiting Federal civil servants to employ relatives. But it is relatively easy to get around — passed the civil service relative agrees to work for free and work as if on a voluntary basis.

To be able to seek public office, Kouchner was also forced to resign from 266 to various positions that he previously held in the private sector.

However, according to The Wall Street Journal, he continues to control assets worth from $757 million to $1.9 billion.

The son-in-law of the President, there is no diplomatic education, that did not stop him this week to hold talks with the Prime Minister of Iraq Haidar al-Abadi. Previously, Kushner has already communicated with a wide range of high-ranking foreign officials: the head of the British foreign Ministry Boris Johnson, members of the government of Canada, the head of EU diplomacy Federica Mogherini, Minister of foreign Affairs of Mexico Luis Videgaray Caso.

According to TV channel CBS, along with the head of the Mexican Ministry of foreign Affairs Kouchner made the adjustments to speech trump dedicated to the construction of a wall on the southern border of the United States.

Kushner and Videgaray allegedly rewrote the text so that its overall tone expressed hope for improved U.S.-Mexican relations in the future. Today, Kouchner is responsible for improving relations between the two countries.

Another area administered by a young official, is the U.S. relationship with Israel. During the official visit of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington was Kouchner was present at the table of negotiations between leaders of the two countries, state Department representatives, including experts on the Middle East were not invited. According to CBS, the state Department, the decision was taken in order “to make the discussion more personal” due to the fact that trump and Kushner Netanyahu are old friends. The US President believes that his son will be able to establish peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Jared is a great guy, he will make an agreement on Israel, which no one else can make.Donald Trump

Kushner also played a key role in organizing the visit of President XI Jinping to Washington. It was in his office in Trump Tower skyscraper on 9 and 10 December last year it had contacts with the American side, the Chinese Ambassador to the US Cui Tanquam and a member of the state Council of China Yang Jiechi. “During the meeting, Yang Jiechi outlined their proposals. China wants to trump adopted the concept of the “new model relationship of great powers” — the idea of XI Jinping, aimed at the avoidance of conflict and cooperation”, — says The Washington Post.

In February, Kushner and Cui Tiankai, organized a conciliatory telephone conversation trump and XI Jinping. During this conversation, the US President promised to adhere continued for 40 years the policy of “one-China” policy regarding Taiwan, although he has previously said that it will be negotiated.

“Chinese officials felt that trump is a difficult man, prone to provocative statements, but they did at least one clear conclusion: the trump in Washington should have with his son-in-law,” wrote The New York Times. Kouchner intends to significantly improve and expand U.S. – China relations. But it is opposed by some close associates of trump, for example his chief strategist Steven Bannon, the Minister of trade, Wilbur Ross and others.

In the current US administration Kushner takes the position of the “stranger among us” — the conservative-dominated White house he is promoting unpopular among Republicans action. In particular, he persuaded trump to get out of the Paris climate agreement, and also blocked the impending presidential decree about the weakening of the rights and freedoms of the LGBT community of the country and religious minorities.

However, liberal views Kouchner does not impede his career in the camp of the conservatives. At the end of March it became known that under his leadership will form a new Executive body — the Management of American innovations that will function as an independent unit in the West wing (the Oval office), directly subordinate to the Trump. It is expected that this structure will be a kind of task force, consisting of former heads of commercial organizations, which aims to “bringing fresh thinking” to Washington. In addition, according to The Washington Post, the division in the future will give a number of governmental functions.

In this field of activity Kouchner is not limited. The ABC tried to make a list of all the responsibilities given to a young man President. The list has turned out impressive:

• Planning the visit, XI Jinping.

• The conclusion of peace in the middle East.

• The fight against ISIS.

• Reform of criminal law in the United States.

• Manual Control of American innovation.

• Reform of social support of veterans.

• Combating the epidemic of opioid.

• Update of the U.S. Federal government.

“President trump, apparently, is convinced that his son-in-law can fix anything. Not even to fix everything — the journalist and writer Eugene Robinson column in The Washington Post. — He’s an inexperienced young man who will not be able to do everything that is required of him. Although imagine what it’s like to be son in law to trump. Compared to this, the problem of peace in the middle East doesn’t look so heavy.”

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