Rosobrnadzor forbade to recruit students in three universities

The head of the Russian Federal service for supervision in education and science Sergey Kravtsov

Rosobrnadzor forbade to accept students in three universities. On Friday, April 7, reported on the Agency’s website.

It’s forbidden in the Moscow state Academy of veterinary medicine and biotechnology named after K. Skryabin, Volgograd branch of the Moscow financial and legal University MFUA and the Vladikavkaz Institute of management. It is noted that the decision was made because of default of regulations of the Department within the established deadlines.

In addition, suspended the license of the Economic-legal Institute (Moscow).

In late March, the Rosobrnadzor on the results of audits were forbidden to accept students in Irkutsk state agrarian University named after A. Egeskog, Saint-Petersburg state Institute of film and television and Orel state agrarian University named after N. Parakhina.

The ban on the admission of students does not limit the rest educational activities of the University. If the license of the educational institution is suspended or cancelled, the founder of the University is obliged to ensure the transfer of students (with their written consent) to other institutions of higher education in accredited programmes in similar directions while keeping the learning environment, including the form, rate and cost.