Proven turning the Arctic ocean into the Atlantic

Proven turning the Arctic ocean into the Atlantic

Scientists from the USA, Russia, Canada, Poland, Germany and Norway showed that over time the Arctic ocean will be similar to the Atlantic. A study published in the journal Science.

Experts have noticed that vertical mixing of water in the Eurasian basin of the Arctic ocean over time, more and more resembles the processes occurring in the ice-free parts of the Atlantic.

This is facilitated, as the authors note, a record high rate of decline in area of sea ice in summer in the Arctic ocean, for example, in the late summer of 2011 almost the entire Eastern part of the Eurasian basin was free of ice.

Scientists believe that this region is developing as the so-called stratification is weakened when a smaller ice thickness promotes greater mixing of water. To such conclusions the authors came track of what is happening in the two oceans changes. This scientist has helped the satellite data collected in 2013-2015 and allowing to estimate the thickness of the ice, and a system of buoys scattered across the Arctic.

The authors believe that the changes occurring in the Arctic ocean, can not affect the regional ecosystem.