The main witness in the case of the coup in Montenegro recanted

Mirko Velimirovic Mirko Velimirovic, one of the main witnesses in the case of organizing the coup attempt in Montenegro, stated that their confessions were fabricated by the Special Prosecutor’s office and signed by him under pressure. This was reported in the Democratic front (DF), the Montenegrin opposition parties, reports RIA Novosti. “I don’t want false readings to cause suffering and loss of liberty of someone else. Want to soothe their conscience with the message of the truth about the events of October 2016… we had no plans to commit violence against the citizens of Montenegro, their political or state representatives or the police, or to seize power through violent means,” said Velimirovic. He also said that he would sign anything under threat freedom trust him. “And the more readings, the meaning of which see now,” said Velimirovic. In Spectaculator have already responded to the actions of the Velimirovic. “The court

Police said the number of dead and wounded in the terrorist attack in Stockholm

As a result of the terrorist attack in Stockholm, according to recent reports, four people were killed and 15 were injured. About it reports Reuters referring to the Swedish police. Previously it was reported about death of three to five people. Arrested one suspect, he, according to sources, has already pleaded responsible for their actions. He received minor injuries. On Friday, April 7, on Drottninggatan, the main pedestrian street of Stockholm — truck rammed the crowd. The car stopped after he entered the window of one of the stores. Prime Minister Stefan lofven said that the incident has all the hallmarks of a terrorist attack. In addition, the company Spendrups said that in committing an assault used their car — the customer called the car, waited for her and when the driver left the cab, climbed inside and drove away. In the capital were strengthened security measures. Under heavy guard

The white house said about the global approval of attack on Syria

Sean Spicer In Washington assured that the world community considers the attack on Syria an appropriate response to the chemical attack in Idlib province. On Friday, April 7, said White house spokesman Sean Spicer. “If you have seen the response of the world community, I think there is an understanding that the United States acted appropriately. Most countries approve of the President’s order to attack”, — he said to journalists once they remembered from the words of President Donald trump on what U.S. action in Syria could lead to world war III. On the night of 7 April on the orders trump the US fired cruise missiles the airport shirt used by governmental armies of Syria. In all there were 59 rockets. According to official figures, killed five soldiers and two civilians from the village, located at the airbase. On Tuesday, April 4, the Syrian opposition said about 80 alleged

Altai teachers were forbidden to communicate with the media without permission from the authorities

Employees of educational institutions of the Altai territory encouraged to communicate with journalists only after consultation with municipal authorities. On Friday, April 7, according to “PolitSibRu”. Letters governing communication between school employees, media representatives, received the heads of educational institutions. The document was signed by Chairman of the district education Committee Pavel Odintseva. The document explains that this decision was made because of frequent cases of publications in the mass media, distorting the facts untrue. “In order to avoid such cases, all interviews and comments from employees of educational institutions must be given after consultation with the municipal education authorities and only after a formal request from the editors,” the statement reads. In addition, when communicating with reporters recommended a “positive emphasis on the results of the work of the municipal education system”. Also teachers, Directors and parents of students are advised to subscribe to the official accounts of the

The candidate for city-managers of Omsk depicted his program with the help of Emoji

The candidate for the position of city Manager of Omsk, the 59-year-old Victor Cheredov portrayed its program for the development of the city by using the encrypted characters. The relevant document posted on the official website of the city Council. As writes the edition “Superock”, presentation of programs, candidates for mayor and clearly has not been established. The program Cheredova fit on one sheet of A4. In particular, he proposes to make Omsk worthy to be called the third capital. “To solve this problem is possible only by joint application to the city (like the economy) the science of agglomeration and the city (as a population) — the science of passionate ethnogenesis (pride),” — said Cheredov. In addition, in his opinion, it is necessary to deal with current problems and “work like a galley slave”. The list of priorities he pointed out in the form of Emoji. For the position

The state Duma called on to condemn the U.S. after the attack on Syrian air base

The state Duma called on parliamentarians of other countries to condemn the aggressive actions of the US in Syria. Appropriate treatment in connection with a rocket attack on the airbase Shirt lower house of Parliament adopted on Friday, April 7, RIA Novosti reported. “State Duma deputies appeal to world parliaments, inter-Parliamentary Union, PACE [parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe], OSCE PA, to condemn the aggressive actions of States that violate fundamental principles of international law”, — is spoken in the address. Russian MPs underline that Washington is undermining international cooperation in the fight against terror, and without cooperation of countries it is impossible to win “a major threat of XXI century”. The appeal notes that the US used false pretenses to commit a missile strike, “based on geopolitical ambitions of world policeman”. State Duma deputies also believe that the chemical attack in Idlib, which allegedly was the cause of

Police released photos of the suspect in the attack in Stockholm

Police released photos of the suspect in the attack in Stockholm The Norwegian newspaper Expressen and Aftonbladet published a photo of the suspect, who was driving a truck that crashed into people at a shopping center in Stockholm. The photo was submitted by the police. 12фотографий12фотографий12фотографий According to Expressen, the suspect is wanted by the police. As the newspaper notes, the man was photographed when he moved to the center of the city. SÖKS AV POLIS: Säpo vill komma i kontakt med man som i samband med sågs lastbilsattacken. — Aftonbladet (@Aftonbladet) 7 APR 2017 The truck crashed into a crowd of people at Ahlens shopping centre Mall on the main pedestrian street of Stockholm, Drottninggatan on Friday, April 7. According to police, the victims were at least three people, eight injured. Prime Minister Stefan löfven called the incident a terrorist attack. According to the newspaper Aftonbladet the

Nice, Berlin, Jerusalem: trucks as terrorist weapons

Nice, Berlin, Jerusalem: trucks as terrorist weapons On 7 April in Stockholm truck drove into a crowd of passers-by. In Sweden, on 7 April, a terrorist attack. The truck at speed crashed into a crowd of passers-by. The incident happened on the main pedestrian street of Stockholm. The car stopped, drove in the window of one of shops. According to preliminary data, as a result of the tragedy killed three people. About when the terrorists used to attack citizens, not a weapon, and trucks — in reference to “Izvestia”. Jerusalem, January 2017. January 8, in the center of Jerusalem drove a truck into a group of soldiers. In the attack four were killed and 15 people were injured. The incident occurred near the popular tourist pleasure grounds Armon ha neighborhood. The car crashed into the soldiers, when they got out of the bus, then backtracked and moved the fallen Soldiers

All the victims in the explosion in the subway of St. Petersburg is identified

All the victims in the explosion in the subway of St. Petersburg is identified St. PETERSBURG, 7 APR — RIA Novosti. All the victims in the explosion in the subway in Saint Petersburg is identified, according to Vice-Governor of the city of Anna mityanina V his microblog on Twitter. 17фотографий17фотографий17фотографий A full radiographic and autopsy study of all the victims, all 14 were identified. — Anna Mityanina (@A_Mitjanina) 7 APR 2017 Day 3 of April on the stretch between the stations “Sennaya Ploschad” and “Tekhnologichesky Institut-2” St. Petersburg underground there was an explosion. Another explosion at the station “Ploshchad Rebellion”, was averted thanks to the timely detection of an improvised explosive device. According to the latest data, the explosion killed 14 people, including a suspected suicide bomber of Akbarjon Jalilova.

Experts predicted the reduction in the number of hospitals up to the level of 1913

Experts predicted the reduction in the number of hospitals up to the level of 1913 Optimization of health has led to the mass closure of hospitals in Russia and a decline in the quality of care, experts say. In 2020, the country in the number of hospitals can reach the level of the Russian Empire. Hospital of the Russian Empire 2000-2015 number of hospitals in Russia has halved from 10.7 to 5.4 thousand thousand estimated by experts of the Center for economic and political reforms (CEPR) based on Rosstat data (a copy of the study, capr is at the disposal of RBC.) In its report “Health care. Optimization of the Russian health care system in action” experts say that if the authorities continue to close hospitals pace (353 hospital per year), by 2020 the number of medical institutions in the country will reach 3 million, that is, the level of