ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack on employees of Regardie

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack on employees of Regardie

Terrorist group “Islamic state” has claimed responsibility for an armed attack on asguardian in Astrakhan. According to the extremists, they killed police officers on 4 April and opened fire on the post of Regardie in the Leninsky district on the night of 6 April.

About it reports on Thursday, April 6, portal Amaq (information service of the IG).

According to him, the members of the group killed two policemen in Astrakhan on April 4, and opened in the city shooting along Regardie on the night of 6 April.

Earlier on Thursday it became known that all four members of the attack on asguardian eliminated. At least two were involved in the attack on the guards two days earlier.

As reported, the private security outfit of Regardie stopped to check a car Renault. Out of employees were fired, injuring three employees. At the same time one of the attackers was killed by return fire.

After that, the criminals tried to escape. As a result, they were blocked in an industrial building. On the offer to surrender they continued to fire and were destroyed.

April 4 in the Leninsky district of Astrakhan, the unknown shot two police officers who arrived at registration of road accident. The attackers from the crime scene disappeared. In the international and Federal wanted list was announced four. The SC pointed out that the attack on the traffic police was committed “because of the sustained hostility to representatives of law enforcement agencies” and to take possession of a service weapon for future police killings.