Clinton called on Washington to bring down the Syrian air force

Hillary Clinton

Former Republican rival Donald trump in the struggle for the presidency, a spokeswoman for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton said that the Syrian conflict can be solved by the destabilization of the air force of Syria. According to TASS, she said this at the summit “women of the world” in new York.

“President Bashar al-Assad has air power, which cause the most deaths of civilians. … I am convinced that we ought to have and should now damage the airfields and thus prevent him from returning to bomb innocent people and spraying them with air sarin gas”, — she said.

Earlier, on 6 April, the media reported that the Pentagon chief James Mattis will offer Donald Trump a few options military response against Damascus in connection with the incident in Idlib. One of them is to attack Syria with cruise missiles from us Navy ships.

April 4, in the town of Khan Shaykhun Syria did the chemical attack. The victims were a few dozen people, including children. Washington blames the incident on Damascus, which denies any involvement in the attack. In turn, Moscow has urged not to do hasty conclusions about the culprits.