Calculated the caloric value of human flesh

Calculated the caloric value of human flesh

Archaeologist James Cole of the University of Brighton (UK) calculated the caloric value of human flesh. A study published in the journal Scientific Reports.

For example, a healthy male over 18 years of age weighing approximately 66 pounds the nutritional value of more than 143 thousand calories, of which about 32 thousand calories have on skeletal muscle tissue.

The highest calorie is the flesh of adult healthy men, the minimum child’s age up to four years (13.5 kgs and more than 660 calories on skeletal muscle tissue). Calorie women Homo sapiens is usually lower than men of the same age.

Their calculations Cole held on the basis of the analysis contained in human flesh proteins and fats. For this purpose the author used the remains of four ancient Homo sapiens.

The Cole study is motivated by the need to identify the nutritional value of the diet of CRO-magnons and Neanderthals that scientists are suspected of cannibalism. The author comes to the conclusion that the total nutritional value of the mammoths, rhinos and deer were much higher than in any of the representatives of Homo sapiens, so ancient cannibalism cannot be attributed to man’s desire to satisfy his hunger.