Beat the schoolboy umbrella 79-year-old pensioner to stand trial

In Stavropol 79-year-old woman who beat 11-year-old student will stand trial. On Thursday, April 6, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the Prosecutor of Industrial area of the city.

“It is established that a citizen born in 1938, in March last year, had a fight with 11-year-old boy who was familiar to her, struck him an umbrella at least three blows to the head and a punch in the face”, — stated in the message.

The doctors pronounced the child brain concussion and a bruise of soft tissues of the face. The attacker faces up to two years of imprisonment.

27 March in the shopping and entertainment center “Red whale” in Mytishchi guard beat up a 13 year old boy. The student and his friends behaved is noisy and did not respond to requests to calm down. Then the security guard caught one of the Teens struck him a few kicks in the buttocks area and was forced to leave the building. At home the parents noticed the bruises my son and went to the doctors, those recorded injuries. In relation to men was initiated to verify.