Almost half of Russians said about the readiness to live without the Internet

Life nearly half (47 percent) of Russians do not change, if suddenly disappear the Internet. This is evidenced by data survey of the national center for the study of public opinion (VTSIOM), published on the website of the organization.

Another 26 percent of respondents believe that their lives will change without the Internet. About 22 percent of respondents recognize that they will be able to adapt, and five percent have no idea how they can perform everyday activities without Internet.

Currently, Internet use in Russia, 75 percent of the citizens. For two years they have increased by 24 percent. The majority of Russians in the network to communicate with friends and family (64%), get information (60 percent), have fun (54 per cent). Almost half (49 per cent) is online learning, 46% of Bank and 38 percent execute public services.

“Russians today are clearly underestimate the degree of influence of the Internet on a life off the Internet will not only affect users, but will dramatically change the lives of even those who do not use these utilities, — said the head of the practice information policy and communication technologies VTSIOM Kirill Rodin. — If you make forecasts based on the current trend, universal coverage, the network will reach in the next 10 years.”

The poll was conducted April 3-4. It was attended by 1,200 people. The error does not exceed 3.5 percent.

According to the survey conducted by “Levada center” in November 2016, 60 percent of Russians support the introduction of censorship on the Internet. Against the constraints of the network were made by 25 percent of respondents.